Search And Rescue Saturday — Human Remains Detection Dogs

By Mr. Taleteller

Pretty Biba copy (640x427)

In this week’s edition of Search and Rescue Saturday we talk Human Remains Detection dogs.  So far during this series on search and rescue we have discussed things “live”.  But, there is another element of search and rescue.  Yes, some dogs smell dead people.  This type of K-9 is a human remains detection dog (HRD) […] Read more…

The Day We’ll Never Forget

By Houndstooth

Mission Ready?

Recently, I came across two really interesting articles about Stonehenge.  I suppose it is one of the things that will fascinate us for the rest of time, and there will certainly be people making its study their life’s work for a long time to come.  One article talked about how there’s a lot more to […] Read more…

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