Sun Bather -- Tales and Tails

The Fake And Bake

by Houndstooth on

Just when I think I’ve been hoodwinked and fooled by my dogs in every possible way, it turns out that one of them has another trick up their fur coat sleeve.  You would think that by now, I’d be wise to their ways, but darned if they don’t keep coming up with new things to […]

Duff -- Tales and Tails

Long Distance Love Affair

by Houndstooth on

I have a confession to make.  Last weekend while I was away at BlogPaws, I fell in love, not once, but twice.  I’m not proud of this, but you know how it is.  You go away from home and you’re lonely, missing what you have at home, and then, across a room your eyes meet […]

Official SAR Team -- Tales and Tails

A Small Brag

by Houndstooth on

Now that I’m back home from the hustle and bustle of BlogPaws, I’m going to take time for a small brag.  It’s rare that I toot our horn, so to speak, but we got a very pleasant and completely unexpected surprise at the conference and I want to share it with you.  I feel like […]

Küster's First Aid Kit

Search And Rescue Saturday — First Aid Kit

by Mr. Taleteller on

Accidents happen.  It happens to be an unavoidable reality in the world of dogs.  Whether the dog is a pet at home or a working dog, preparation for an accident can help minimize negative results.  One great thing to have ready is a first aid kit. In our case we have a small kit in […]

Louie the French Dog -- Tales and Tails

So, What Happens At A #BlogPaws Conference? #Sponsored

by Houndstooth on

This post is sponsored by Smart Bones and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I have been selected as a Sponsored Blogger to attend the BlogPaws 2016 Conference on behalf of Smart Bones however we only work with brands we love. BlogPaws and my Sponsor are not responsible for the content of this article. I’ve […]

The Train Depot -- Tales and Tails

Let Me Go

by Houndstooth on

It isn’t a secret by now that I’m traveling to Phoenix for the BlogPaws conference.  I’m excited to be going to learn and network with other bloggers and perhaps see a little of Phoenix if I don’t burn into a husk.  It’s still hard to leave behind those furry reasons that I write the blog, […]

Summer Magic -- Tales and Tails

Hello Summer

by Houndstooth on

Today is the official first full day of summer here in the United States.  I love summer with its long, lazy days, slower pace and wearing less clothes.  Sure, the heat can be a bit much at times, but for me as a human, it’s the bee’s knees.  Of course, as we say “Hello, Summer,” […]