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By Houndstooth

Fortunes Read Here -- Tales and Tails

This past weekend, we had a very busy Saturday.  The Greyhounds were needed to represent our therapy dog group at the Health and Wellness Sustainability Fair and we were also needed to help introduce our 4H kids to the obedience class that we’ll be helping to teach.  In between those two things, we were invited […]

Search and Rescue Saturday – It Never Ends

By Mr. Taleteller

Kuster Urban Trail-- TalesAndTails.com

One misconception that many people have is that now that Küster has his first certification our training is now over.  That unfortunately could not be further from the truth.  We need to re-certify every year.  So our training continues.  It will never end. Last weekend, my team brought in a trainer that specializes in trailing […]

Healthy Living Options For Pets #PawNatural

By Houndstooth

Rainy Afternoon -- Tales and Tails

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that a certain Greyhound here at our house is approaching her senior years.  No matter what I do, that is going to happen since I don’t have a time machine.  It has made me a lot more conscious about what I can give to all our […]

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