Making The Most Of A Perfect Summer

By Bunny Hound

Search & Rescue Saturday-Changes to Come

By Mr. Taleteller

Küster Gets A Facial -- Tales and Tails

I must apologize readers.  If you have been following this week you will have noticed we’ve been having technical difficulties.  Unfortunately, it is with our host server.  The Chief Editor is frantically working all this out.  Mr. Taleteller (that’s me) will most likely be taking her to dinner after we have things back in […] Read more…

Running With The Black Dogs

By Houndstooth

The Perfect Imperfection

By Houndstooth

Perfectly Sincere -- Tales and Tails

Today marks a historic date for us here at the Taleteller household.  One year ago today, we went back to the Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption kennel and brought home a little black waif of a dog we’d met a few days earlier.  We went up to do a little story about Bunny being able to […] Read more…

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