Search And Rescue Saturday — Back To School


Another Brick In The Wall -- Tales and Tails

This month our team seemed like it was going back to school.  Three of our team members have been preparing to attend an International Police And Working Dog conference.  This conference not only includes training but taking the certifying tests in their disciplines, if they need them.  This is very similar to what Küster and […] Read more…

The Pet Cemetery


Gate to the Whispering Woods -- Tales and Tails

Last weekend, my husband and I fond ourselves in a historic cemetery in our area.  It’s a remarkable place with a lot of interesting sights and stories.  There’s a soldier’s hill with hundreds of young men who served in various wars throughout our country’s history.  Family crypts and mausoleums dot the landscape.  Some of the […] Read more…

I’ll Eat You Up, I Love You So


Flattery at Attention -- Tales and Tails

One thing I’ve learned about Flattery is that when she decides to be affectionate, she is to the extreme.  She’s not in your face for attention all the time, but when she does come to you, you’d better pay attention because it means she either needs to go outside or she’s going to demand that […] Read more…

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