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Getting The Best End Of Things

by Houndstooth on

Sometimes as dog owners, we start to notice little quirks in our dogs that weren’t there before.  I’m not sure how they start, I just know that they appear, for better or worse.  Some are endearing and some make you want to pull your hair out at times.  The latest quirk is with Morgan. For […]

Cuddling Up to Mom -- Tales and Tails

On Hounds And Hugging

by Houndstooth on

I’m guessing by now that most people have read the article that came out a few weeks ago saying that dogs don’t like to be hugged.  A lot of humans took this news with a mixture of disbelief, disappointment, denial and even outrage.  There was a lot of reaction to this news last week.  I […]

K9 Unstable

Search and Rescue Saturday — Filming

by Mr. Taleteller on

Last weekend Küster and I, along with most of our team, made our way over to Indiana.  If you remember a few weeks back, our team assisted with a SAR Dog Basics weekend put on by the Search Dog Organization of North America (SDONA). As a component of the class SDONA would like to add […]

Self Service -- Tales and Tails

When Patience Is Kryptonite

by Houndstooth on

One of the things I like about teaching the 4H kids dog obedience is that it reminds me that dogs have different learning styles.  I get used to working with my dogs and I learn what works with them, but hounds are notoriously stubborn to train.  This makes me empathetic towards the kids with stubborn […]

Feeling Mahvelous, Dahling -- Tales and Tails

A Day In The Life Of A Hospice Volunteer

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Bunny here at the keyboard, writing about something that I thought you might find interesting. It’s not a secret that I work as a therapy dog and a hospice volunteer.  I enjoy going to visit people and bring smiles to their faces.  Usually, I know where we’re going before we even leave the house.  Sure, […]

Oscar -- Angel Sallade Photography

The Sighthound Project

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From time to time, you hear us talk about sighthounds here on the blog.  In case you don’t know what a sighthound is, it’s a category of hounds that hunt by sight more than by scent.  While a Bloodhound can find almost anything with its nose, a Greyhound can see prey as far as a […]

Movie Night -- Tales and Tails

A Little Girl Time

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Bunny here at the keyboard, writing about my lovely Spring weekend. If you follow my dad on Instagram or Twitter, you might know that he and Küster were away this weekend for some training and video shooting.  They left Thursday afternoon, and that meant that our weekend started a little early.  You might be thinking […]