Spring Fling -- Tales and Tails

A Vacation From Adventure

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard to tell you that I need a vacation from adventure. You see, my human has been off work for the past three weeks because of Spring break.  It’s been wonderful, taking extra walks, going for special drives to get puppucinos and sleeping in together in the mornings.   Almost every […]

Küster's First Aid Kit -- Tales and Tails

Search And Rescue Saturday — First Aid Kits

by Mr. Taleteller on

Accidents happen.  It happens to be an unavoidable reality in the world of dogs.  Whether the dog is a pet at home or a working dog, preparation for an accident can help minimize negative results.  One great thing to have ready is a first aid kit. In our case we have a small kit in […]

Springtime Smile -- Tales and Tails

To Be A Pup Again

by Houndstooth on

This past winter, I became all too aware that my little golden hound is getting older.  Truth be told, I’ve been reminded that I’m getting older, too. It can be a little bittersweet and I have willingly slowed the pace down for her in a few ways. I was starting to be afraid that this […]

Watch It, Flattery -- Tales and Tails

Finding Your Unicorn

by Houndstooth on

If you live in the United States, and probably a lot of other places, you are most likely aware that Starbucks came out with a limited edition drink yesterday called the unicorn frappucino.  There has been a lot of buzz about it, and it has even been reported on the news.  Everywhere I turned this […]

Concentration -- Tales and Tails

Here’s To A New Crop

by Houndstooth on

Last night was our first night teaching dog obedience for this year.  For those new to the blog, my husband and I volunteer every year to help teach the 4H kids in our county dog obedience so they can show at the county fair in July.  It means that our Monday nights are not our […]

I Found Some Eggs -- Tales and Tails

An Adventure In Hunting Eggs

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard writing about my weekend adventure. Since it was a holiday weekend I wasn’t sure we’d have much time to have an adventure, but my human really surprised me with an outing that was different from anything I’ve done before.  You might think that after ten years, I’ve seen and done […]

Pet Me, Pet Me, Pet Me -- Tales and Tails

Search And Rescue Saturday — Life Lessons From Your Dog

by Mr. Taleteller on

The past six months have been incredibly stressful for me.  There are issues at work, the Chief Editor’s health, and my wanting to do more with my boy but just not able to are just a few things.  It all builds up.  Sometimes it just out right stinks.  While traveling back home from Wisconsin the other […]