The Doctor Is In -- Tales and Tails

The Big Ouch

by Houndstooth on

Sometimes in the course of sharing life with dogs, you find yourself facing unexpected injuries.  I can remember Mr. Taleteller with two black eyes after Blueberry hit him in the face with her titanium skull when she was in her early days here.  Küster left more bites, punctures and scratches on me than I knew […]

Staying Cool by the Pool -- Tales and Tails

It’s Too Darned Hot

by Houndstooth on

The past few years, we’ve been blessed with some pretty moderate summers.  This year, we’re not even out of spring yet and the heat is beastly.  It’s too darned hot for humans, dogs and probably even jalapeño peppers.  Normally, we don’t have to worry about taking precautions for the summer heat until the end of […]

The Great Cookie Heist -- Tales and Tails

Still Sniffing Out One Of History’s Mysteries

by Houndstooth on

Last year around this time, I wrote a post about a subject that fascinated me.  A group called TIGHAR who was searching for the remains of Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan.  To aid in the search, they brought in a group of four Border Collies who are specially trained to alert to the […]

Pet Me, Pet Me, Pet Me -- Tales and Tails

Search And Rescue Saturday–Much To Do

by Mr. Taleteller on

Today’s Search and Rescue Saturday is really much to do about nothing search and rescue.  But, I really wanted to write something and not just say, “See you all next week”.  As many of our great readers know it has been a week and a half.  We’ve had Morgan’s health issues and continue to have vehicle issues.  But, […]

Sitting Pretty -- Tales and Tails

Forward And Back

by Houndstooth on

We’ve had a lot of people ask about how Morgan is doing, and since so many are wondering, I figured I’d just write about it again today.  Years ago, my grandfather had a stroke and one of the things I very distinctly remember was that his progress moved forward and back on a regular basis.  […]

A Sense of Contentment -- Tales and Tails

How To Make An Old Dog Happy

by Houndstooth on

This has been the first week of summer break for me and it hasn’t exactly gone as planned.  The air conditioning in the car still isn’t fixed, so the only dog who has gone for a ride has been Morgan when we took her to the vet.  Since she’s been a little under the weather, […]

Morgan Surveys the World -- Tales and Tails

On The Mend

by Houndstooth on

Yesterday, I posted that we were taking Morgan to the vet to see what’s going on with her.  After a long discussion with the vet, we feel pretty confident that Morgan is on the mend as much as she can be.  I learned some things there and I thought that some of it was worth […]