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Remembering The Ultimate Sacrifice

by Houndstooth on

If you live in the United States, chances are that you have today off for Memorial Day.  It’s the unofficial start of summer, even though it doesn’t officially start until June.  Most people will be enjoying cookouts or parties today and enjoying some down time. As the daughter of a veteran and the granddaughter of […]

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Search and Rescue Saturday — It’s All About The Dog

by Mr. Taleteller on

I’m pretty blessed and lucky to be a member of an established search and rescue team.  Yes, it can be cumbersome to apply, go through the probationary process and finally become a full member, but it is a system that works.  There are also other benefits of belonging to an established team.  When you are […]

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Get The Point

by Houndstooth on

The other night, I was rather tired and I somehow managed to convince Mr. Taleteller to rub my feet.  It was an unprecedented event where I had the couch all to myself.  I’m pretty sure it’s due to the sudden spurt of warm weather we’ve had here this week.  The dogs prefer laying on a […]

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For Whom The Doorbell Tolls

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I have talked before about how Morgan is very protective of our family.  There are times when her overprotective tendencies can be a good thing.  I can recall the time a man came to the front door to ask about cutting down a tree that had died in front of our house and she was […]

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And That’s What I Think Of That

by Houndstooth on

Yesterday was one of those days that you just want to forget.  I suppose we’ve all had them.  It started out with small, piddly things in the morning and quickly snowballed into all out nightmare status.  Suffice it to say that basically, if it could go wrong, it did.  I was looking forward to getting […]

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A Sense Of Entitlement

by Houndstooth on

I remember when we had Lilac that she had a certain bossy, sassy way about her.  Some of you might remember that Mr. Taleteller would hide in the bathroom to eat his pie on peace, because if Lilac decided she wanted something, she was relentless.  Most of the time I could laugh it off, but […]

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Search and Rescue Saturday– Rewards

by Mr. Taleteller on

This week Küster and I along with other members of our team are helping with another class for the Search Dog Organization of North America (SDONA).  Yesterday, we had several different discussions on finding a reward system for your K-9 partner.  What motivates your dog?  In fact the Chief Editor and I have been talking […]