GPS of Area Search run (K-9 dark blue)

Search and Rescue Saturday–Training Venues

by Mr. Taleteller on

Team Küster is back from the that training slump we discussed last week.  It must have been a combination of the extreme heat, handler’s mindset, and who knows what else.  Our K-9 team members met last Sunday at a Girl Scout camp and went through our paces.  K-9 Küster gave me a look like “it’s […]

Letting It All Hang Out -- Tales and Tails

The Sweetest Thing

by Houndstooth on

If you read yesterday’s blog post, I suppose you could guess that it’s been a long week for me.  It wasn’t my usual humor-filled fare and I hope it wasn’t too much of a downer for anyone.  The truth is, behind the scenes, there have been other things wearing on me besides a few dogs […]

Lorelei's Good Side -- Tales and Tails

The Choices We Make

by Houndstooth on

This week has been a mixed bag of news in our house and it’s made me ponder the choices we make as well as the ones we don’t.  You could say that I’ve been thinking about the circle of life to some degree as events have happened around us like satellites.  I think it’s funny […]

Keeping Cool -- Tales and Tails

A Weekend Almost Without Dogs

by Houndstooth on

During the past week and weekend, we found ourselves living in the heat dome that made the news and covered a lot of the United States.  It was not only miserable, but dangerous.  People were encouraged to use extreme caution when going out and about and we certainly took that to heart. One thing that […]

Old Dog, New Tricks -- Tales and Tails

Its Own Reward

by Houndstooth on

This week Mr. Taleteller and I are finally seeing the end of 4H dog obedience for the year, and we are ready to be done.  It’s not because of the commitment of time or the work involved, it’s because it’s been so hot the last few weeks of class.  Fortunately, everyone knows how to be […]

This Looks Interesting -- Tales and Tails

Search And Rescue Saturday — Training Slump

by Mr. Taleteller on

Readers, it is summer.  This means hot temperatures, lots of sweat, and for me — I’m in a training slump. Slump: A period of poor or losing play by team or individual.  A sudden decrease.  Merriam-Webster  Now this slump is really irritating.   It’s not planned.  If it were, it would be called a break […]

Eye See You -- Tales and Tails

It Felt Like A Five Dog Night

by Houndstooth on

Like a lot of pet owners, Mr. Taleteller and I let our dogs sleep on the bed with us if they want to.  Our first Greyhound always wanted to sleep on the bed with us, but the other three we had while she was alive all preferred to sleep on their own beds and not […]

Morgan -- Tales and Tails

Mean Green

by Houndstooth on

If you’re a long time reader of the blog, you know that while Morgan has a lot of challenging issues, she also has one self appointed job in the world.  That job is to keep the rest of the pack safe.  Most of the time, that usually involves a great effort on her part to […]