A Tale Of Canine Revenge


Elegant Curves -- Tales and Tails

If you read Bunny’s blog post yesterday, you know that we had some adventures this weekend that did not include all the dogs.  That’s just the way life goes sometimes. Bunny and I had some hospice visits to do and Küster and my husband were down in Missouri getting in some training. The last time I […] Read more…

A Weekend Of Single Dog Adventures


Uptown Art -- Tales and Tails

Bunny here at the keyboard, writing about my weekend of adventure. Normally, my weekends involve at least one of my other pack mates along with both of my humans.  Sometimes, it’s just me and Flattery with Mom.  However, this weekend, I was living the life of an almost only hound. Saturday, Dad and Küster had […] Read more…

He’s Got The Look


Certified Ball Expert -- Tales and Tails

Earlier this week, Mr. Taleteller took Küster to our local Farm and Tractor Supply store to get his shots updated.  They charge a fair amount less than our regular vet and it was quick and easy to get him in.  Mr. Taleteller wanted to get him in before they go off to a big training […] Read more…

My Not So Exciting Life


A Sense of Contentment -- Tales and Tails

Bunny here at the keyboard, writing about my not so exciting life this week. After the last three weeks when my human was on spring break, this week, I feel like my life hasn’t been terribly exciting.  I’m not going to lie to you, I was happy to become reacquainted with the couch.  I’m not […] Read more…

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