The Battle For Couch Domination


To The Victors Go The Spoils -- Tales and Tails

I’m going to preface this story by explaining a few things that most people who live with Greyhounds already know.  Greyhounds take their couches very seriously, more seriously than any other breed of dog I’ve ever met.  When Mr. Taleteller and I were foster parents, it was uncanny to see many of the dogs who […] Read more…

Is That A Greyhound?


Flattery's First Fan -- Tales and Tails

My husband and I are used to being asked by people about the Greyhounds when we go out, and even sometimes about explaining that yes, German Shepherds do, indeed, come in black.  It’s not something that upsets us.  We view each question as a chance to educate people about our favorite breeds and to make […] Read more…

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