The Perils Of Traveling With Dogs


Just Hanging Around -- Tales and Tails

As I mentioned yesterday, we are at the BlogPaws conference this year with Bunny, Flattery and Küster.  It’s the first experience the dogs or my husband have had with the conference, although I would consider Bunny and Küs experienced canine travelers.  It’s Flattery’s first big trip with us and I wasn’t quite sure how she’d […] Read more…

A Hiking Adventure As A Trail Guide


Thank You, Veterans


A Little Memorial -- Tales and Tails

Bunny here at the keyboard with a simple message today. Since today is Memorial Day in the US and in other countries it’s also a day of remembrance, I wanted to say a few words.  While we are thankful for those who serve our country and help make our world a safer place every day, […] Read more…

Join The Pet Paw-Looza #PetPawLooza


Pet Paw-Looza 2

Today, I want to share something with you that was new to me, but seems like a fun way to learn about some new products and be able to try them out for yourself.  Most of the companies participating are new to me, but I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about them.  I […] Read more…

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