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Several years ago, I was invited to a blog summit at PetSafe, and I met the people who make the Drinkwell fountains in person.  I thought they were really cool and I ended up getting a plastic one that we’ve had in our kitchen for quite a while.  It worked really well for us, but I always wished I’d gotten a nicer ceramic version.  When I was asked recently if we would like to review the Pagoda Pet Fountain, I jumped at the chance.  This is water made elegant.

When it arrived, it was even prettier than I imagined and once we got it set up, even my husband was excited about it.  Ours is red, but it also comes in white or Himalayan blue.  The red is a perfect match with our Fiesta ware and that just made it a little better in my mind.  It really looks like it was made to go in our kitchen and the red makes it obvious so there’s no worries about not seeing it.  I confess, a part of me is tempted to steal it and put it on the table or my desk just for decoration; it’s that pretty.

Pagoda Pet Fountain -- Tales and Tails

Pagoda Pet Fountain

It’s not just a pretty decoration in our kitchen, though.  It filters the water so the dogs have fresh, clean water to drink all the time.  In our town, the water is not very good, so it makes me feel better that the water for the pups is filtered.  There’s no water bowl in our kitchen with a layer of slime or lime rings, just a fountain with water that keeps circulating water ready for the dogs to drink.  Our dogs are used to drinking from a fountain and when we switched to this one, they seemed to like it even more than the last one, considering how often they go in to get a drink.  They can drink from the upper or lower basin and it holds seventy ounces of water at a time.

Having the water moving means it keeps oxygen in the water which encourages your pets to drink more.  This is really nice, especially if you have a senior pet who doesn’t always drink as much as he or she should.  I can tell you that our dogs will stand in the kitchen drinking from this fountain for a couple of minutes at a time sometimes.  They really love this thing.

There are other benefits to having a fountain in the house, too.  One is the sound.  Honestly, when I’m home alone, I really enjoy working on the computer or reading without the television or radio on so I can listen to the fountain.  It has a wonderful, relaxing sound that I really enjoy.  Some days, it’s nice just to come home from work, sit on the couch with the dogs and listen to the babbling music of the fountain.  This is another reason I am tempted to steal it from the dogs and put it on my desk.  It has a submersible pump that operates it, but the pump is so quiet that all I hear is the gurgling water.

A Cool Refreshing Drink -- Tales and Tails

A Cool Refreshing Drink

We have never had any trouble with our dogs drinking from the fountain, but if you have a particularly timid pup, you could set it up and not turn it on for a day or two until your dog gets used to drinking from it and then turn it on.  Our dogs have been really good with it and we’ve never had any trouble with it.  The basin is easy to clean out if you need to and changing the filters is also a cinch.

I do recommend not putting the fountain somewhere you are likely to kick it or knock it over, because they can be broken, although I haven’t had any trouble with them during regular daily use.  They are heavy and well-made, so I don’t see it as a big problem.  UPS was not very careful handling ours and the first one was broken in transit, but the box was really beat up, so I have a feeling that it wasn’t handled very carefully.  They didn’t give us any trouble about replacing it, though, and the second one arrived without incident.  I have a feeling that first one had one wild ride, but it is something to be aware of.  It’s also important to know that this fountain is only for indoor use.

If you have a pet who really likes fresh water, this is a great gift for them.  I still laugh about the cat I had in college who would stalk us in the bathroom so he could drink out of the running faucet.  He would have loved one of these.  I feel better knowing that the water our dogs are drinking is filtered and they drink water from it with relish.  If you’re looking for a nice gift for your own pet or for a pet loving friend, this could be the thing for you.  It’s not everyday that a product that serves a function for your pet can enhance the quality of life in your house, but I think this one truly does.

Pagoda Pet Fountain Color Options

Pagoda Pet Fountain Color Options

[disclaim]I was not compensated for this review.  We were given a fountain for our honest opinion on it.  Tales and Tails doesn’t endorse products that we don’t feel comfortable and confident using for our own dogs and this one fits that bill.[/disclaim]

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