The Mystery Of The Missing Treats

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A lot of people ask how I get Bunny to pose for pictures and do a lot of the things she does.  Honestly, a great deal of it is because I’m just very lucky that she’s so tolerant and easygoing.  However, we do have another secret.  The model always gets paid, and paid well.

Bunny likes a particular kind of treats called Zuke’s Minis.  I make sure that I always have some on hand because they’re small and don’t have a lot of calories to them.  I can toss them if I want her to perk up her ears or look a certain way and they don’t make a big mess.  Crumbs on the photo set is not desirable.

Dreams Do Come True -- Tales and Tails

Dreams Do Come True

I always keep the treats on the kitchen counter all the way at the back between the two treat jars.  None of our dogs do much counter surfing, so we feel pretty comfortable keeping them there.  It’s been a perfectly safe arrangement for several years.

Wednesday night, I got ready to go and take pictures with Bunny.  Part of my preparations involved going to the kitchen to get our bag of Zuke’s, but they were gone.  I looked in several other possible locations.  I even went upstairs to the attic studio to see if I’d somehow forgotten them up there.  There was no trace of the missing bag of treats.

Of course, I went through a list of the usual suspects to see if I could figure out who was the most likely to have pilfered them.  Bunny was quickly dismissed because she’s never counter surfed and even if she were so inclined, I think she’s too small to get them anyway.  She also doesn’t trust the kitchen floors with four feet, so just two on terra firma isn’t going to be on her agenda.  Morgan doesn’t have anywhere to hide anything if she did steal it, and in this particular crime of opportunity, she was in her crate, so she is presumed innocent in this affair.

What Dreams May Come -- Tales and Tails

What Dreams May Come

That leaves three other highly suspicious individuals in this caper.  You are probably thinking to yourself that it was probably a black dog at this point.  That is certainly a valid deduction.  Flattery has been known to steal all manner of things and abscond to the pink dog bed with them.  However, she’s never stolen food and she hasn’t gotten anything off the counter tops yet, although she has nabbed things off the kitchen table.  Küster has a tongue like an anteater and I wouldn’t put it past him to grab them and take them with him, just to have something to do.

Dreamy Boy -- Tales and Tails

Head in the Clouds

You might be asking yourself who the third highly suspicious individual is.  That would be Mr. Taleteller.  I know that he  was out of training treats for Küster and they had class the very night that’s in question.  He claims that he only trained with one of Küster’s traininyg toys the entire night, but I find this unlikely, but possible.  He also says that his bait bag vanished off the counter.  You could call me skeptical.  He swears that he has a witness, Buzz’s mom to be exact, who saw him there and can vouch for the fact that he only trained with a tug.

The facts of the case are that the bag of treats has completely disappeared, as has Mr. Taleteller’s red bait bag.  He once lost his bait bag at the vet’s office, though, so maybe it really hasn’t been stolen, just misplaced.  There have been no scraps of suspicious looking yellow plastic anywhere to be found, either.  It’s as if they just vanished into thin air.  None of the dogs has acted like they felt unwell, which I would have expected if they’d ingested a whole bag of treats, bag and all.

A Study in Flattery -- Tales and Tails

A Study in Flattery

I  have no idea if the bag will ever turn up, or where it will be found.  We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled and try to see what develops.  I admit it, I’ve been awake at night trying to figure out where the darned things went.  Maybe one day, the mystery will be solved.

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