The Little Dog Laughed

by Houndstooth on

One thing that I think most of our readers know is that Flattery is a one dog comedy routine.  If you need a pick me up in your life, Flattery is your girl.  Where Blueberry was very obvious about not being able to stand seeing us unhappy, Flattery is more subtle about it.  I think she’s more bothered by our unhappiness than she lets on, but she puts on a funny face to cover it up.  This weekend, my husband really had a hard time with losing Morgan and by Saturday afternoon, Flattery had made it her mission to cheer him up.  Her methods are unconventional, but when the little dog laughed, I found that we did, too.

The Great Cookie Heist -- Tales and Tails

The Great Cookie Heist

She started out on Saturday by helping herself into the chair with him while he was trying to check his Facebook page.  He often invites her up with him, but that involves a level of knowing what’s coming.  It’s funny every time she gets him by surprise, although I’m waiting for the day the chair tips over on them.  After she invites herself up there, she lays with her head on his shoulder or arm, batting her eyelashes at him outrageously or rolling her head around to get his attention.  The funniest part is that once she feels she’s had enough, she uses his lap as a springboard to leap off.  I don’t think she’s ever scored a direct hit, so to speak, but the close calls make for a lot of laughs.

On Sunday, he had moved over to the couch where he was sitting in one corner with his iPad while she laid with her head on his leg.  It was a cozy little picture as they sat all curled up.  Every once in a while, I saw him absently stroke her head, ear or shoulder and she did a tiny wiggle to get closer every time.  What he didn’t know was that she had a secret agenda.  He got up for a split second to pick something up that he dropped and that was it.  Flattery had total couch control.  There was no room left for him.  He said her name and her eyes remained tightly closed, although there was a telltale ear twitch.  Finally he just laughed and went to sit in the chair.

The Bright Side -- Tales and Tails

The Bright Side

I love that Flattery has the sort of personality that she does.  I know that she’s gotten through her own tough times, and yet she lives every moment like an adventure.  Whether it’s catching a June bug in the air or taking a road trip, she savors every moment.  Her outlook on life makes it more colorful for me.  I’m not sure there’s anything that she wouldn’t try with us.  But it’s that sparkle in her eye that lets you know she enjoys it and that she’s laughed with you that seals the deal.  By the time you get to the part where the little dog laughed, you’re laughing, too.  That’s a rarer talent than most of us realize, and we are lucky that she has it.