The Eternal Optimist

by Houndstooth on

This week, I’ve felt like I’m meeting myself coming and going.  Things at school seem to be settling in and I’m cautiously optimistic about the upcoming school year.  Every morning when I get ready for work, I’m met by the eternal optimist in my house, though, who makes it hard to leave and go to work.

Checking Out The Garage -- Tales and Tails

Checking Out The Garage

Bunny generally doesn’t care that I leave and go to work.  Once I’m out the door, she’s back to her regularly scheduled napping.  Before I leave, though, she does turn on the charm.  The expectant looks and the not so subtle requests for a belly rub are not wasted on me.  Every day, I consider staying and just spending the day rubbing her belly.

Flattery’s optimism is on the other side of the spectrum.  Every morning she is hopeful that I’m going somewhere and that it involves her going as well.  There are days when she tries to lead me out to the car and give me her less than subtle hint.  In the mornings when I’m getting ready for work, she is often outside the bathroom door or suddenly in between me and the door out the back with a hopeful expression.

Hot Dog -- Tales and Tails

Hot Dog

The good thing about the weekend is that I get to indulge them, and myself in our optimism.  It may not be something terribly exciting, but we will have some time to enjoy each other’s company after a busy week, and that’s what I am most looking forward to.  I love grand adventures, and I miss being able to take them on a regular basis with the dogs, but I’m learning to appreciate the quiet moments for the treasures that they are.

I’d love to hear what you are most looking forward to this weekend, and whether or not it involves a dog or two!