On The Job -- Tales and Tails

Entering Retirement

by Houndstooth on

This summer has been a busy one that kept us from a lot of our regular routine.  There was also the lack of air conditioning in the car that kept me from taking the girls in the car because I was worried it was just too hot for them.  We took the summer off from […]

Greyhound Girls -- Tales and Tails

It Takes Two

by Houndstooth on

Last week, I again found myself facing the difficult decision about which dog to take with me to our nursing home visit.  We weren’t seeing any hospice patients so either of the Greyhounds could go, it was just a matter of choosing which one to take to visit the Alzheimer’s patients.  On one hand, Bunny […]

Windows To The Soul -- Tales and Tails

A Good Therapy Dog

by Houndstooth on

I’ve been asked in the past about what makes a good therapy dog.  The answer to that question is complicated.  I think there are several types of dogs that can make a good therapy dog.  You do have to spend time training your dog, as well.  Even with raw potential, it needs some shaping.  You […]

The Visitor -- Tales and Tails

Switching Off

by Houndstooth on

I have been trying to psych myself up for the eventual occurrence of Bunny’s retirement.  She’ll be eleven in November and the past year has been tough on her.  I’m trying to just take an easier pace for her and let her slow down, but she’s not really down with the plan.  If I’m getting […]

Visit Number Fifty -- Tales and Tails

How Do You Do

by Houndstooth on

Typically, when we do nursing home visits, Bunny goes with me and Flattery goes with Mr. Taleteller.  The girls both have their own style of greeting people.  Flattery is a little more outgoing and she’s usually the first one to walk up to someone and greet them.  She’s the penultimate social butterfly, going from one […]

Ready To Spread Some Cheer -- Tales and Tails

Adventures In Doing Good Deeds

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard writing about my adventures in doing good deeds this weekend. Most of our readers know that I am not just an outstanding canine model, I am also certified therapy dog.  One of the things I do as a therapy dog is to work as a hospice volunteer and visit humans […]

Hearts In Her Eyes -- Tales and Tails

Charm School

by Houndstooth on

This week, we found ourselves visiting at the nursing home again.  My husband was able to go with us this time, so Bunny and Flattery were in attendance, and this time was one when I found myself really happy that we had both of them with us.  That’s not to say that I’m not always […]


Search And Rescue Saturday — The Last Search Dog

by Mr. Taleteller on

Earlier this week many of us in the K-9 search and rescue community heard some very sad news.  Bretagne (pronounced Brittany), the last 9/11 Search Dog, passed across the Rainbow Bridge. Bretagne was a retired search and rescue dog who made her contributions to the SAR community not only through many deployments including 9/11, World […]

Feeling Mahvelous, Dahling -- Tales and Tails

A Day In The Life Of A Hospice Volunteer

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard, writing about something that I thought you might find interesting. It’s not a secret that I work as a therapy dog and a hospice volunteer.  I enjoy going to visit people and bring smiles to their faces.  Usually, I know where we’re going before we even leave the house.  Sure, […]