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Search And Rescue Saturday–We Turn Five

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Guess what readers, this week Search and Rescue Saturday turns five years old this week.  To celebrate we are training and then going out of the town with the Chief Editor.  Below, the first post.  Yes, there were a couple post’s earlier, but we are celebrating when Search And Rescue Saturday became its own series […]

Search And Rescue Saturday–Candidate Elly

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  That’s right readers, our team has a new K-9 candidate.  Her name call name is “Elly”.  Today for Search and Rescue Saturday I would like to introduce the readers to a potential member for our K-9 team,  K-9 Candidate Elly. Elly was born just a few months ago.  She is now nine weeks old. […]

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Search And Rescue Saturday — Avalanche

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This week I will take a stab at explaining Avalanche Search and Rescue Dogs.  Returning back to our running topic of types of search and rescue disciplines for K-9s.  Being from the Land of Lincoln, I had to complete a little research over the last two weeks. Let’s just say that avalanches are not our […]

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Search And Rescue Saturday–Podcast

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Over the past couple months, I have become somewhat of a podcast junky.  Now that being said I have been very careful about looking into the background of the person or people hosting the podcast. My public service announcement If you have a mic and a computer, you can have a podcast.  That being said, anyone […]


Search And Rescue Saturday–Indications

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Indications, to me, this will be fun, interesting.  Here goes… Indications. The alert or indication in simple terms is the signal that our K-9 partner gives the handler that it has found someone.  It is as simple as that.  I wish.  Now, I must remind the readers that we have only been going over “live” […]

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Search And Rescue Saturday–Merry Christmas

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My how time flies.  From Küster’s first Christmas pictures to this year’s picture. it’s been six years. First Christmas. My boy at age four.   Kuster at age six. So what do you get a dog with a job for Christmas?  Küster’s Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas: 10.  Kong Tennis Balls that squeak, size large. 9. […]

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Search And Rescue Saturday–Pets

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For daily readers of TalesAndTails you already know that we have lost Bunny this past week.  Her death was not at all expected and sudden.  I was trying to decide about what to write on today being that it has been difficult writing anything lately with that thing called life that keeps going on but, […]

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Search And Rescue Saturday–Wild Fires

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The California Wild Fires if you have the television or radio on you have heard something about it. Last week our friends on one of the large urban search and rescue teams received orders and were deployed to the fires. Please keep these teams and the other many first responder teams in your thoughts and […]

Search And Rescue Saturday–Congrats Rob and K9 Kona

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We at Tales And Tails would like to congratulate K9 Handler Rob and his K9 partner Kona on passing their trailing certification with the International Police Work Dog Association (IPWDA) this past week.  Rob and K9 Kona have been working on getting their trail certification over the last year.  It has happened.  Rob and K9 Kona […]