That Old Familiar Feeling -- Tales and Tails

All The Feels

by Houndstooth on

You know, human emotions are a funny thing.  Recently, I’ve found myself feeling quite a range of emotions, some of them good and some not so good.  You could say I’ve had all the feels and you’d be very accurate.  Some of the things I felt were results of experiences I had, while others were […]

Search And Rescue Saturday — It’s Not A Puppy

by Mr. Taleteller on

That’s correct, sorry to disappoint the fine readers of this blog but if you read last week’s post, it’s not a puppy. Here’s the plan… Everyone has met K-9 Jesse from our team.  A little wiggly bundle of energy handled by my teammate Joan.  K-9 Jesse and Joan have certified in Human Remains Detection and […]

Happiness Is A Day Together -- Tales and Tails


by Houndstooth on

It hasn’t been a secret that we have had our canine family somewhat separated since Morgan’s issues started.  My husband has also kept Küster a bit sequestered because people discouraged him from making a working dog too much of a pet and because his job requires him to want to be with people more than […]

Küster at 5 Year Old --

Feeling Special

by Houndstooth on

Since Küster has taken up residence upstairs, there have been a few housekeeping issues that have had to change.  This dog sheds more than twenty cats, and we have to vacuum around his crate at least once a day.  Morgan shed a lot, too, but tan fur on tan carpet isn’t as obvious as black […]

The Kiss -- Tales And Tails

Reach Out And Touch Someone

by Houndstooth on

This week as I’ve gone back to work, I’ve noticed the usual changes in our dogs.  They become less hopeful about going with me when I’m following the usual routine.  In the mornings, they are generally a lot more low key.  Bunny is content to go back to bed enjoy her quiet time in there.  […]

Working Dog -- Tales and Tails

It’s Good To Be King

by Houndstooth on

This week, Küster needed a trip to the vet to get his shots, and since I was off work, I was able to go along with him and my husband.  Unlike most dogs, Küster loves going to the vet.  In his mind, it’s good to be king and at our vet, they treat him like […]

The Traveling Trio -- Tales and Tails

Resistance Is Futile

by Houndstooth on

It’s not a secret that some things have changed in our house since Morgan passed away.  Some of the changes are subtle and some are more obvious.  One thing that every one likes is that we get to spend a lot more time with Küster.  Mr. Taleteller brought him up to Morgan’s crate in the […]