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Search And Rescue Saturday–We Turn Five

by Mr. Taleteller on

Guess what readers, this week Search and Rescue Saturday turns five years old this week.  To celebrate we are training and then going out of the town with the Chief Editor.  Below, the first post.  Yes, there were a couple post’s earlier, but we are celebrating when Search And Rescue Saturday became its own series […]

Search And Rescue Saturday–Candidate Elly

by Mr. Taleteller on

  That’s right readers, our team has a new K-9 candidate.  Her name call name is “Elly”.  Today for Search and Rescue Saturday I would like to introduce the readers to a potential member for our K-9 team,  K-9 Candidate Elly. Elly was born just a few months ago.  She is now nine weeks old. […]

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You Only Live Once

by Houndstooth on

I can say that the past couple of months have been pretty tough for me.  We try to live our lives with our dogs so that when they leave us, we have no regrets, just happy memories.  I admit that I’m still struggling to get to the happy memories part some days.  I heard it […]

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Sometimes, It’s Hard To Write…

by Houndstooth on

The other night, I had a few things to do after work and I got home a little later than usual.  Mr. Taleteller knew I had things to do and he ran by home to take care of the dogs, because they would probably figure out how to use the phone and call 911 between […]

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The Speed Bump

by Houndstooth on

This past week we found ourselves at home a lot more than usual due to the crazy weather.  All things considered, I’d say our dogs handled it pretty well.  By Sunday morning, though, we knew that Küster needed to burn off some extra energy.  We decided to try things a little differently and let him […]

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Not Fit For Man Nor Beast

by Houndstooth on

There’s a phrase I grew up hearing that the weather was “not fit for man nor beast” which basically meant that you should use your brain and stay in as much as possible.  That’s basically where we’ve found ourselves this past week and weekend.  At one point on Saturday, I got ready to leave and […]

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Search And Rescue Saturday — Avalanche

by Mr. Taleteller on

This week I will take a stab at explaining Avalanche Search and Rescue Dogs.  Returning back to our running topic of types of search and rescue disciplines for K-9s.  Being from the Land of Lincoln, I had to complete a little research over the last two weeks. Let’s just say that avalanches are not our […]

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Over Snow

by Houndstooth on

We’re getting ready for another weekend, hoping to relax and recharge, but it looks like Mother Nature has plans to dump more snow on us tomorrow.  I’m going to be honest, this doesn’t fit in with any of our plans.  To say that we’re over snow is one of the biggest understatements I’ve made in […]

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Someone Else’s Puppy

by Houndstooth on

It’s not a secret that there’s a pretty huge hole in our hearts and family right now.  One thing that my husband and I had talked about years ago was that when the time came, I’d really like to try raising a Greyhound puppy.  However, I didn’t ever imagine that we’d be looking at the […]

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Search And Rescue Saturday–Podcast

by Mr. Taleteller on

Over the past couple months, I have become somewhat of a podcast junky.  Now that being said I have been very careful about looking into the background of the person or people hosting the podcast. My public service announcement If you have a mic and a computer, you can have a podcast.  That being said, anyone […]