The Red Door -- Tales and Tails

Ever So Helpful

by Houndstooth on

I’m not sure what kind of weekend it was for everyone out there, but here where we live, it was hard to tell it was September.  It felt like July here all weekend with temperatures so hot that we humans didn’t want to be out in it, much less risk taking the dogs out and […]

Old Dog, New Tricks -- Tales and Tails

Bait And Switch

by Houndstooth on

Yesterday evening, I found myself in a bit of a precarious spot.  I needed to go upstairs with Flattery to take some pictures, but I was going to need some help to keep Bunny from going up with us because Flattery won’t go up ahead of me so I can close the door behind us.  […]

Afternoon Daydreamer -- Tales and Tails

A Little Peace And Quiet

by Houndstooth on

After having a rather loud and boisterous Küster pent up in the house the better part of this week, he and Mr. Taleteller went off last night for their regular training night with one of their team members and his dog.  Since it’s been so hot, he’s been inside and they guys have been skipping […]

So Happy Together -- Tales and Tails

A Nose Out Of Joint

by Houndstooth on

There’s been an interesting phenomenon going on at our house lately.  I’ve mentioned that Küster has been spending a lot more time with the girls and us when we’re home.  His main objective is getting to play with the toys that the girls spend their days ignoring.  But when he’s out, there’s one little hound […]

Leaf Peeper -- Tales and Tails

A Change In The Air

by Houndstooth on

I’m not sure how things are out there for all of our readers, but sure enough as the unofficial start to Autumn came to us this weekend, so did scorching temperatures and humidity.  We had thought about taking the dogs out for a walk along the riverfront and decided that none of us wanted to […]