Just Another Brick In The Wall -- Tales and Tails

It’s Really Here

by Houndstooth on

What a difference a weekend makes!  We went from soaring temperatures to needing a jacket in the morning and evening to ward off the chill literally overnight.  I guess Mother Nature wanted us to wait for the official start date before she was going to allow autumn in, but it’s really here now, and I […]

Catching Scent from the Water -- Tales and Tails

Search And Rescue Saturday — Water Rescue

by Mr. Taleteller on

Last Wednesday our team held a joint training with the Hudson, IL Fire Department and their water rescue team.  This reminded me of a post from a few years ago.  So here goes a re-run. When the search managers think the missing person may be in large bodies of water we use search dogs that […]

Weekend Warrior -- Tales and Tails

Getting A Break

by Houndstooth on

After a very long, hot summer, it looks like we are finally getting a break in the weather.  It can’t come soon enough to suit us.  It’s also been a busy week that has left us feeling more than a little worn out.  At this point, we’re just thankful that we have survived this week. […]

A Sea Of Yellow -- Tales and Tails

The Value Of Age

by Houndstooth on

This week I’ve been thinking quite a bit about age and what it means in our society as well as how it relates to dogs.  Tuesday night, my dad came home from his Honor Flight along with a group of other elderly veterans.  Five of the passengers on the flight were veterans from World War […]

My Hero

With Honors

by Houndstooth on

Today is a big day in my family.  My dad is going on an Honor Flight to Washington D.C. with my sister and I hope that they have an amazing and wonderful time.  For those who don’t know what that means, an Honor Flight is a flight that takes our war veterans to our nation’s […]

The Red Door -- Tales and Tails

Ever So Helpful

by Houndstooth on

I’m not sure what kind of weekend it was for everyone out there, but here where we live, it was hard to tell it was September.  It felt like July here all weekend with temperatures so hot that we humans didn’t want to be out in it, much less risk taking the dogs out and […]

K9 Kovu searches at a SDONA seminar

Search And Rescue Saturday–Hurricane Florence

by Mr. Taleteller on

Hurricane Florence if you have the television or radio on you have heard something about it. Earlier this week our friends on the large urban search and rescue teams Missouri Task Force 1 and Indiana Task Force 1 (FEMA teams) received orders and were deployed to the Carolinas in preparation for the Hurricane Florence arrival. […]