Maiden Of Spring -- Tales and Tails

Fragile Humans

by Flattery Noar on

Hello, everyone!  It’s me, Flattery, writing a short blog post today. We had an extra long weekend to enjoy, and the plan was for us dogs to get to go out somewhere with the humans yesterday, but I was reminded about how fragile humans can be.  I’m not sure if it was the crazy weather […]

Love The Red, White And Blue -- Tales and Tails

Presidents And Puppies

by Houndstooth on

For those of us living in the US, today is Presidents’ Day, when we celebrate the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln, our fourteenth President and George Washington who was the first.  It means that a lot of us get a day off school or work, although not everyone does.  Mr. Taleteller and I are two of […] K9Ariz at SDONA workshop

Search And Rescue Saturday–We Turn Five

by Mr. Taleteller on

Guess what readers, this week Search and Rescue Saturday turns five years old this week.  To celebrate we are training and then going out of the town with the Chief Editor.  Below, the first post.  Yes, there were a couple post’s earlier, but we are celebrating when Search And Rescue Saturday became its own series […]

I Know It's In Here -- Tales and Tails

A New Love

by Houndstooth on

The beginning of this week, we celebrated Flattery’s birthday.  I admit, I hemmed and hawed a little, trying to figure out what to do for her this year.  She enjoys stuffies a little, but not in the way that Küster does.  She’d rather curl up with hers and take a nap with them.  When we’re […]

Happy Valentine's Day -- Tales and Tails

The Best Date

by Houndstooth on

Since today is Valentine’s Day, a lot of people are thinking about romance and hearts and flowers today.  I’ve mentioned in the past that years ago, Mr. Taleteller and I went on our first date on Valentine’s Day.  Through the years, we’ve done something special to celebrate the day every time it rolls around.  The […]

She Warms My Heart -- Tales and Tails

Feeling The Love

by Houndstooth on

I came across an interesting article the other day as I was going through my Facebook feed.  I wish I’d thought to save it for later, but it was an interesting view on how millennials are feeling the love.  It took me a bit by surprise, but it did make me think a little during […]

Eight Is Great -- Tales and Tails

Eight Is Great

by Houndstooth on

Today is a big day for a certain black Greyhound at our house.  Flattery has a birthday today and she says that eight is great.  I think I might be one of the rare people on the face of the planet who has an eight year old puppy.  I know that eight years old is […]