That Old Familiar Feeling -- Tales and Tails

All The Feels

by Houndstooth on

You know, human emotions are a funny thing.  Recently, I’ve found myself feeling quite a range of emotions, some of them good and some not so good.  You could say I’ve had all the feels and you’d be very accurate.  Some of the things I felt were results of experiences I had, while others were […]

On The Job -- Tales and Tails

Entering Retirement

by Houndstooth on

This summer has been a busy one that kept us from a lot of our regular routine.  There was also the lack of air conditioning in the car that kept me from taking the girls in the car because I was worried it was just too hot for them.  We took the summer off from […]

Happiness Is A Day Together -- Tales and Tails


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It hasn’t been a secret that we have had our canine family somewhat separated since Morgan’s issues started.  My husband has also kept Küster a bit sequestered because people discouraged him from making a working dog too much of a pet and because his job requires him to want to be with people more than […]

Hot Dog -- Tales and Tails

The Eternal Optimist

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This week, I’ve felt like I’m meeting myself coming and going.  Things at school seem to be settling in and I’m cautiously optimistic about the upcoming school year.  Every morning when I get ready for work, I’m met by the eternal optimist in my house, though, who makes it hard to leave and go to […]

Sleeping Beauty -- Tales and Tails

So Touching

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Have you ever noticed how a trait that you find so touching can become something that is a little hard to deal with?  Bunny has always been attached to me, and I love that about her.  For years, she has slept with her back to mine in a show of dedication.  Lately, though, that’s been […]

Couch Comfort -- Tales and Tails

Too Much Togetherness

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A lot of mornings, my husband gets up early, lets the dogs out and then goes to sleep on the couch.  This is especially true on weekends when we don’t have somewhere that we need to go early in the day.  Since Mr. Taleteller had training early on Saturday, Sunday was on tap to be […]

The Kiss -- Tales And Tails

Reach Out And Touch Someone

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This week as I’ve gone back to work, I’ve noticed the usual changes in our dogs.  They become less hopeful about going with me when I’m following the usual routine.  In the mornings, they are generally a lot more low key.  Bunny is content to go back to bed enjoy her quiet time in there.  […]