Someone Else’s Puppy

by Houndstooth on

It’s not a secret that there’s a pretty huge hole in our hearts and family right now.  One thing that my husband and I had talked about years ago was that when the time came, I’d really like to try raising a Greyhound puppy.  However, I didn’t ever imagine that we’d be looking at the timing when Mr. Taleteller would be starting to think about looking for another dog to train for Search and Rescue so that Küster could retire one day and that I might be looking for another Greyhound at approximately the same time.  Part of me has wondered a lot about the prospect of having a puppy or two around here and what that would mean for us.  And then I met someone else’s puppy and had a little dose of reality.

Küster Puppy

Gratuitous Küster Puppy Picture

You might remember that last year I mentioned that one of my first dog crushes had passed away.  Griffin was a black German Shepherd that I adored on Facebook and he was one of the biggest reasons that I wanted us to get a black German Shepherd of our own.  You could very easily say that if there hadn’t been a Griffin, we very well might not have ended up with Küster.  We were even fortunate enough to meet Griffin and his human when they took a trip to visit Facebook friends across the country.  He was a one of a kind dog and we were lucky to know him.  When I read that he’d passed away, I cried like it was one of my dogs who had gone.

That was a bit before we lost Morgan and certainly before we lost Bunny.  Griffin’s human was lost without a German Shepherd and he soon found a puppy named Roamin.  I have been reading a lot about Roamin on Facebook and I have laughed actual belly laughs over some of his antics.  We’ll just say that at eight months old or so that he’s still mostly puppy and giving his human a run for his money.  I actually look for tales of his exploits, and he doesn’t often fail to oblige.  When I mentioned to his human that I’d been thinking about a puppy, he reminded me that only crazy people take on that challenge.

The Kuster From The Black Lagoon Lagoon

Küster and Griffin

The thing is, it’s really enjoyable to live through the antics of someone else’s puppy.  It’s all the fun and amusement without the potty training, the sharp teeth, the sass and frustration that also goes along with the cuteness of a puppy.  They can almost make you forget how much work they are with all of their cuteness.  I don’t know if there will be a puppy here at our house in the near future or not.  I still think it would be fun to rise to the challenge, but after living with older dogs for a few years, I know that it would be a lot of challenge.

I will say that I’m mulling it over, but someone else’s puppy is sure making me think hard about it.  It’s nice to be reminded of the pros and cons of the situation without having to experience it first hand.  I also hope that Roamin keeps us all amused for a long time to come.