Soak Up The Sun

by Houndstooth on

Now that the holidays have wound down, we’ve taken most of our holiday decorations down.  I admit, I was sad to see them go.  Our tree was really pretty this year, even though it was different from what we’ve usually had in the past and I enjoyed the soft glow of the lights.  However, it was dried out and starting to shed needles and we don’t need to tempt fate with a fire hazard.  At least one member of our family seems to be happy to see the tree and other trimmings go, however, and that would be Flattery.  Today was our first sunny day in a while, certainly since we took the tree down and she was ready to soak up the sun.

You Are My Sunshine -- Tales and Tails

You Are My Sunshine

I’d noticed a few days while the tree was up that Flattery and Mr. Taleteller spent time fighting over one end of the couch where a small patch of sunlight would break through for a short time.  I had forgotten, however, just how much she loves her patch of sunshine.  You would think with her glossy black coat that she would get too hot laying in the sun, but I am pretty convinced that she would lay in the hottest of temperatures until she turned into a raisin if we gave her the chance.  It makes me a little glad that we don’t have a dog door here.

At one point, I got up and went into the bedroom for a few things.  When I came back, Flattery was sprawled in the middle of the living room floor, exploiting every possible inch of sunlight on her body.  She’d arranged herself so that every bit of sunlight was occupied by some part of her body.  I don’t think it was accidental or coincidental that it happened that way.

It didn’t look terribly comfortable to me to be laying on the hard floor when there are plenty of available dog beds in the vicinity.  So, I lured her over for a minute and tossed a dog bed in the sunny spot she’d vacated.  At first, she seemed dubious, but then I think she realized she was wasting perfectly good sunlight so she hopped on the bed, did a quick turn and laid down, her body on the bed in the sun and her head and neck stretched out off the bed to optimize the sunshine on the floor.

Keep Calm And Nap On -- Tales and Tails

Keep Calm And Nap On

I got up a little later and returned to see that she’d rearranged herself on the dog bed, still making the most of the sunshine on her body, this time working on the tan on the other side of her body.  Her entire day was spent sunning herself until the sun was gone.

At first, I thought to myself about how nice it would be to just have a day to waste laying around in the sunshine.  The more I thought about it, though, I started to correct my thinking.  We all need days to spend doing what we love.  If we humans made the most of them the way our dogs do, we might be a little more content.  I think of all the things I try to pack into my days off and it’s not a surprise that I don’t have too many lazy days.  Flattery was as happy as a clam with her day, though, and I’m strongly thinking about spending a few of those with her next week.  After all, when you soak up the sun, you also feed your soul.