So Touching

by Houndstooth on

Have you ever noticed how a trait that you find so touching can become something that is a little hard to deal with?  Bunny has always been attached to me, and I love that about her.  For years, she has slept with her back to mine in a show of dedication.  Lately, though, that’s been painful for me, so I’ve tried to put a little distance between us when we sleep.

Sleeping Beauty -- Tales and Tails

Sleeping Beauty

Since it often leads to middle of the night bed reorganization, which wakes everybody up and causes a bit of chaos, my husband came up with an idea to put an extra pillow behind my back.  It gives me enough space to be comfortable and still lets Bunny have a spot near me on the bed.  I thought our touching problem was solved.

Then, Bunny decided that if she couldn’t sleep against my back that she’d sleep down near my feet.  The first time I turn over, her body fills the void where my feet should be and I’m left either curling up into a ball like an armadillo, folding my legs at awkward angles around her or waking the house up to rearrange everyone’s spot again.

Just Hanging Out -- Tales and Tails

Just Hanging Out

After a few times of dealing with that, we decided to try two pillows, basically making a full body barrier to try to keep my personal space personal.  Bunny is determined, however, that we should be touching.  She’s gone to some great lengths for that, too.  One night, I woke up to feel her paw against my back under the pillow barricade.  Another night I woke up to find her head on my pillow beside me.  Earlier this week, I woke up to find out that she’d gone to the other side of the bed, hopped up and made herself comfortable between my legs.

Logically, I do know that the easy solution to the problem is to close her out of the room.  Years of being close to her and the deep bond that we share just won’t let me do that on a regular basis.  There have been a few times when it was necessary, but I rest easier knowing she nearby, too.

Sleeping On It -- Tales and Tails

Sleeping On It

If I’m honest, I admire her creativity and determination.  It’s a good feeling to know that there’s a creature devoted enough to you to want to be that close to you every night.  So, while I could take the easy route, I know that I’ll really just keep letting her in there because I love being close to her as much as she loves being close to me.