Search And Rescue Saturday–Podcast

by Mr. Taleteller on
Küsters first


Over the past couple months, I have become somewhat of a podcast junky.  Now that being said I have been very careful about looking into the background of the person or people hosting the podcast.

My public service announcement

If you have a mic and a computer, you can have a podcast.  That being said, anyone can do a podcast.  If you are listening to a podcast to learn and not just pure entertainment of it make sure the host or hosts know what they are talking about and are able to back up their credentials.


K-9 Quest from ILL-Wisc Search Dogs poses for a pic after training

Anyway, one podcast that I listened to last week brought up the interesting topic of volunteer fire departments and keeping volunteer firefighters professional and not just a “club” of people that are meeting for good cause to have fun.  At first, I was going to change the channel.  But, then I suddenly thought this is such a great search and rescue topic.  Especially K-9 search and rescue.

In my opinion and from my experience when our team has inquiries about joining we find that people always ask when we train.  We typically reply that we train formally once a month.  They always seem okay with that.  Shortly after we quickly state the additional online training that must happen and the basic level ground searcher class which is held over a weekend.  Finally, they are informed that although the team may meet once a month there is ongoing training which will need to happen through each week.  Throughout the K-9s life.


K-9 Buzz Across The Beam

This is not a dog training club

Volunteer or not a K-9 search and rescue team needs to be a professional unit which brings professional quality.  Highly trained handlers and highly trained K-9s that bring a reputation of trust and respect.   As one of my mentors say’s, “what kind of  handler and dog would you want looking for your wife or children?”  We are in the business of assisting families with finding or recovering their loved ones.