Resistance Is Futile

by Houndstooth on

It’s not a secret that some things have changed in our house since Morgan passed away.  Some of the changes are subtle and some are more obvious.  One thing that every one likes is that we get to spend a lot more time with Küster.  Mr. Taleteller brought him up to Morgan’s crate in the living room on a trial basis and Küs decided that he likes it up here with all of us a lot.  He likes it so much that the first night when my husband tried to take him back to his regular, quiet spot in the basement, he put on the brakes and made it clear that he likes being upstairs.  When you’re going up against the Black Tornado, resistance is futile and this was no exception.

The Intrepid Trio -- Tales and Tails

The Intrepid Trio

To be honest, it’s been a very easy transition.  The girls like having him nearby, certainly a lot more than they enjoyed Morgan’s company.  He’s very content to relax and just watch what’s going on.  Every morning when I get up, he’s sitting in his crate, body pressed against the wall, just waiting for me to come over and pet him and have a chat about the state of the world as I watch the news.  Where the girls both prefer a long morning nap, Küster enjoys a morning chat and since I sit near him, we can enjoy the news as I eat breakfast and slowly start my day.

The funny thing is, now, every time I pass by, he wills me over to pet him.  It’s like he has a tractor beam with those brown eyes of his that makes it impossible to resist him.  When I say resistance is futile, I really mean it in this case.  I’ve never met a dog who had the same kind of almost hypnotic powers that he does.  He doesn’t bark or make a fuss, he just sits quietly and wills you over to him.

Having him in close proximity to the girls has been a goal of mine for a long time because one day when he retires, I want him to be able to coexist with them without the problems we’ve dealt with over the past few years.  We’ve also been working on a rearrangement of things downstairs, too.  We’re working out spaces for the dogs to be able to relax and be comfortable in the basement while we’re gone.  Part of it is practical, because it’s a lot easier to clean up downstairs if there are accidents.  It’s also a lot cooler in the basement and the sound is much more insulated.  That means that if there are loud scary noises, it’s a lot less upsetting for the dogs.  It has comfortable couches, cushy dog beds and a new half door that allows easy access and a little separation so we don’t have to worry about any disagreements while we aren’t home.

The Traveling Trio -- Tales and Tails

The Traveling Trio

Right now, I’m really loving that we can be a family that hangs out completely together and that the dogs are all getting along.  Küster still hangs out in the crate when we are gone because of his high energy level and because with Bunny being on the senior side, I don’t want to risk her being knocked over by a bull in a China shop.  The important part is that everybody is happy, and that is something that we’ve learned not to take for granted.  It might mean that it takes me a lot longer to get certain things done when I have to stop and scratch a certain black, pointy ear every time I walk past, but it’s worth it.  Resistance is futile, but that’s okay, because I don’t want to.