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It’s still hard for me to admit that Bunny is actually a senior dog.  When she turned eight, there was no sign of her slowing down at all and she actually had more endurance on hikes than Flattery did.  If we went to the dog park, Bunny outran every dog there, regardless of how young or old they were.  It was easy to live in denial that she’d entered her senior years.

Out and About -- Tales and Tails

Out and About

However, as a person who has shared life with senior dogs before, I know a few things.  Eventually, all dogs do slow down a bit.  You can’t avoid that forever.  What you can do is keep your dog in good health with a few ounces of prevention for as long as possible.  There are some things you can’t control, but keeping  your dog in good shape is one thing that will certainly help.  Even if you just walk your dog regularly every day, you can do a lot of good.   Visiting the vet on a regular basis will help  you to catch a lot of things before they get serious.  Feeding your dogs well and maintaining a healthy weight also has benefits.   I suspect that most of our readers already know this and that I’m preaching to the choir on that front.

Lloyd and Lucy's Hip and Joint Supplement

This winter, we started giving Bunny Lloyd and Lucy’s Hip and Joint Supplement.  It wasn’t because I thought she was slowing down, it was because I didn’t want to see her slow down.  With supplements, it can be hard to tell if there are results, so I tried to be really conscious of how she was acting, and I began to notice a few things.  She had more of a spring in her step when she climbed the steep stairs into the attic.  Her soft fur became even softer and thicker.  And she developed that saucy little spring in her step was back when we went on walks.  Best of all, she liked the taste and she thinks she’s just getting an extra treat that the other dogs don’t get.

I think being in very good health made going in for her dental much easier on her.  She certainly bounced back quickly.  I don’t think that the supplements directly caused that, but I think they helped her to be in really good shape going into the surgery to be able to make a speedy recovery.  They certainly didn’t hurt.

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Hello, Sunshine!

Overall, we have been really happy with the results we’ve gotten for Bunny with this supplement.  She’s as ready to go and face adventures as ever, and it give me peace of mind not to have to start worrying about the day when we might have to leave her behind.  At some point, you do have to start making concessions for old age, but if you take a proactive approach, I think you can enjoy more active years with your dog and worry less about whether they’ll be able to enjoy making the most of those senior years.

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We were compensated for this review.  However, Tales and Tails does not endorse products that we don’t believe in or have good results with.  We tried the supplements for three months and had good results with them.