It's In The Bag -- Tales and Tails

Spreading Cheer

by Houndstooth on

The other day while I was out shopping, I had an experience that made me smile, and also reminded me of another reason so many of us love dogs.  I’d gone into Barnes & Noble, a favorite bookstore of mine, for something that I needed.  I was reminded of how good dogs are at spreading […]

Christmas Trio -- Tales and Tails

A Break From Tradition

by Houndstooth on

We have a longstanding family tradition in our house of taking the dogs with us out to a Christmas tree farm we found years ago and having them help us pick out the new tree.   They’ve always been extremely kind to us there and remember the dogs when they show up, so we enjoy going […]

Deliver Me A Pizza -- Tales and Tails

Doorstep Delivery

by Houndstooth on

In our modern age, we’ve gotten used to a lot of modern conveniences that we never would have dreamed about a few years ago.  We have companies like Amazon delivering packages with drones in some places, phones that can respond to our voices and recognize our faces and fingerprints and the ability to order a […]

Just Add Love (And Sparkly Lights) -- Tales and Tails

Her Signature Move

by Houndstooth on

I can’t lie to you, a lot of days I really enjoy my job, but other days, I’m not sure if anything can convince me to go back.  Yesterday…was one of those days.  I’ll spare you the gory details, but it was a pretty rough day.  On top of that, I had to run in […]

Snow Bunny -- Tales and Tails

Snow Day

by Houndstooth on

To my surprise and delight, yesterday turned out to be a snow day for me.  The school district that I work for isn’t very good about calling off school, even when travel is treacherous and all the other schools in the area call off.  The timing of this blizzard made it necessary, though, since parts […]

Nestled All Snug -- Tales and Tails

Feeling The Hygge

by Houndstooth on

This past weekend found us going here, there and everywhere.  We ended up with three different Thanksgiving celebrations to go to over three different nights.  In between Mr. Taleteller working and trying to keep up with family obligations, plus doing some Christmas shopping, we were all feeling pretty worn out and ready to be home […]

K9 Kovu searches at a SDONA seminar

Search And Rescue Saturday–Wild Fires

by Mr. Taleteller on

The California Wild Fires if you have the television or radio on you have heard something about it. Last week our friends on one of the large urban search and rescue teams received orders and were deployed to the fires. Please keep these teams and the other many first responder teams in your thoughts and […]

Thanksgiving Dinner in a Can -- Tales and Tails

Thanksgiving Break

by Houndstooth on

This week and weekend have been busier than any we’ve had in a while.  As I thought about things I wanted to say, I realized that I could either sit at the computer typing, or I could spend a little quality time with the furry reasons that I write this blog.  So, I decided to […]