New And Improved Reasons Why You Need A Greyhound

by Bunny Hound on

Bunny here at the keyboard with my annual post about why you need a Greyhound.

April is Adopt A Greyhound Month and I always like to kick it off with a post about why people need a Greyhound of their own.  You’d think by now that everyone would have one, or wish they had one, but there are still some people out there who are missing out.  I’m as shocked as most of you are.  Since I still have a lot of friends waiting in adoption kennels for a couch of their own, I am sharing this year’s list of why you need a Greyhound.  This year, I wanted to do something a little different than I’ve done in the past and instead of just showing you a lot of gorgeous Greyhounds, I wanted to show you pictures of Greyhounds and the lucky humans that they’ve adopted.  I have some fantastic friends who shared their pictures with me to use this year, and I want to be sure to say a big thank you to all of them.  Check out how happy all those humans look with their Greyhounds while you read the list.  Now, I present to you, this year’s list of why YOU should adopt a Greyhound, or maybe get another one.

10.  You will be a lot more popular if you go out somewhere with a Greyhound.  Seriously, it’s like traveling with a furry rock star.  Everybody will want to talk to you.  Most of us even have tattoos!

Scooter -- Don Beisert

The fabulous Dolce Gambino with Don Beisert, photo courtesy of Don and Christine Beisert

9.  Greyhounds are great therapists.  If you want to do visits with a therapy dog, we excel at that.  Even if you just need your own therapist when you get home from a tough day, we can help you out, and unlike that dog from Bush’s Baked Beans, we will never tell anyone your secrets.

Radar Greets A Fan -- Barbara Berner

Radar Greets a Fan at the Nursing Home, courtesy of Barbara Berner

8.  We can join you in your active lifestyle.  If you want a hiking partner, we can keep up.  We can also compete in agility and other dog sports.  Just because we’re retired from racing doesn’t mean that we’re retired from life.

Four of Us -- Eric Merchant

Penny and Treasure, courtesy of Eric Merchant and Stephenie Frank

7.  Greyhounds are great travelers.  We can relax in the back seat of the car until we reach our destination.  Seeing new places and things is something most of us really enjoy.  There are even special Greyhound gathering planned around the country where people come from all over to hang out with their Greyhounds.  Your vacations will be practically planned for you!

Vancouver Island -- Don Beisert

Dolce on Vancouver Island, shared by Don and Christine Beisert

6.  Greyhounds are very mellow.  Most of us take everything in stride.  If you have a tough day at work and want to go home and just curl up with a good book, we’re good with that.  We aren’t the high strung, hyper dogs that most people imagine us to be as retired racers.

Book Club -- Eric Merchant

Book Club, Penny and Treasure, courtesy of Eric Merchant and Stephenie Frank

5.  Greyhounds come in all different colors.  There’s one to fit every couch and decor.  We come in brindle, spots and solids.  You can have black or white or anything in between.  Plus, we look good with everything, too.

Beth at the Guitar Festival -- Anne G. Myles

Beth at the Guitar Festival, courtesy of Anne G. Myles

4.  We make great family dogs.  Greyhounds really enjoy being part of a close knit group and we bond with our humans deeply.  We aren’t wild and crazy dogs, and most of us aren’t in your face always slobbering on you and licking you.  We’re polite and reserved, although we might ask politely for you to share your food with us.

Blueberry With Her Admirers --Tales and Tails

Blueberry With Her Admirers

3.  Greyhounds are an ancient breed.  Whether you believe that we started in ancient Egypt or in the Celtic region, we have a very long history.  You can tell people that your dog is the descendant of dogs who once could only be owned by nobility.  We are one of only two breeds that sailed to the Americas with Christopher Columbus.  Telling other people about our history will make you the life of the dog park party.

So Happy Together -- Tales and Tails

So Happy Together

2.  We are very social creatures.  If you want a canine companion who wants to be with you all the time, a Greyhound is for you.  We are calm and gentle, but we can also go out in public with you and make you proud of our excellent manners.  We love meeting new people, but we make sure we’re always going home with you.  Being with our human is our favorite thing in the world.

Buford and Lauren -- Angela Taylor George

Buford and Lauren, courtesy of Angela Taylor George

1.  Your life will become a lot more interesting with a Greyhound.  You’ll find yourself doing things you never expected and meeting people who are just as cool as you are because you have Greyhounds in common.  Greyhound people are a special breed and they are very supportive of each other.  It’s not just the dogs that are great, the people who love the dogs are just as fantastic.

Kissy Face -- Tales and Tails

Kissy Face

So there you have it, ten reasons why you should get a Greyhound of your very own.  I’d also like to mention that all of the pictures in today’s post were taken by people we know, either in real life or online.  Every person we asked was more than happy to share pictures and help more Greyhounds find homes.  Not one person we asked turned us down.  If you look at the pictures, of course you’ll see beautiful dogs, but notice that all the people look really happy.  Having a Greyhound in your life will do that for you.