In The Still Of The Night

by Houndstooth on

The end of last week, I learned that I may have misjudged Flattery’s level of determination to get out of the house and have some adventure.  My car was in the shop being looked at and we had no car for the most part.  It was beastly hot, so hot that the tar in the road was literally bubbling in the afternoon.  When I would take the girls out for a powder room break in the afternoon, I could barely breathe and I certainly had no intention of leaving them out there in that weather.  Even in the still of the night it wasn’t cool enough that I felt safe walking the dogs or myself, so we stayed in the cool house as much as possible.

The Gloaming -- Tales and Tails

The Gloaming

Of  course, dogs don’t seem to understand that we can’t change the weather, even for them.  Flattery also would lay outside in a bed of hot coals and bake herself if I would leave her out there.  As we’ve been getting ready to head out for various errands, she’s tried to convince us to take her, and I’ve felt bad because I knew she really wanted to get out some and escape her cabin fever.  It’s just not worth the risk, though, and I’ve been promising her that we’d do things later, even though I’m pretty sure she doesn’t get that concept.

The other night, I’d been working on something on the computer late.  I was already in my pajamas, ready for bed.  Flattery came in and gave me that face that says that she has an emergency and needs to go out.  Unfortunately, this face is the same one that says she’s starving and needs a treat really badly.  Still, I wasn’t willing to take the risk, so I slid on my shoes and took her outside.

We headed out and she took a turn by the car and headed straight for the street.  I told her that it was a no go, because it still felt like you were breathing through water out there at 12:30 at night.  There was also the fact that I was in my pajamas and while it’s unlikely I’d run into any of our small town neighbors at that hour, if I tried taking a walk in my pjs, it’s a guarantee the whole town would be out.  I thought I might end up having to carry her back into the house, she was being so stubborn.  I wrangled, cajoled and coerced her back into the house and we finally went to bed.

And Then There Were Two -- Tales and Tails

And Then There Were Two

The kicker is that now I finally have the means to take the girls to some places with me, but my vacation is over.  Honestly, I’m mostly glad to leave it behind me.  I broke my toe, we lost Morgan, the car problems just wouldn’t end, there were a few personal issues and it’s taken its toll on us.  I feel like going back to work will help us to get into a better routine, though and hopefully that will mean some time for Flattery to get out and see the sunlight, not just sneak out in the still of the night.