Holiday Havok

by Bunny Hound on
Bunny here at the keyboard writing a little about my weekend.

I thought we would be having all kinds of fun this weekend, but I was all sorts of wrong.  The humans have this big party coming up tonight and apparently, that’s all they can think about.  Flattery and I even tried our best to get them to take us out to help with errands, but they told us to stay home and keep cool.  We were not amused.  Independence Day has played holiday havok with my plans.

Miss Red, White and Blue -- Tales and Tails

Miss Red, White and Blue

Flattery tried stalking my human all through the house to get her to take her somewhere.  She even laid down on the floor and acted as a canine speed bump, but still my human was not having it.  I stayed close, laying on the bed when she was in the bedroom and on the princess bed when she was in the living room or kitchen.  I figured I could at least stop her if she went somewhere and remind her that dogs need outings, too, but I had no luck, either.

My human told us that she’d give us a raincheck on this weekend’s adventure.

I’m not going to lie to you.  I’m not impressed.  I am so over rain and I don’t want anything to do with it anymore, even if the weather babblers are saying that we need some more.  My human tells me this is a good thing, but I’m still skeptical.

The Sweet Smell of Freedom -- Tales And Tails

The Sweet Smell of Freedom

All I know is that this party preparation supervision is exhausting.  I plan on taking a long nap today, especially during the fireworks.  Fortunately, my human has planned our own party for us dogs.  We’ll have the basement to ourselves, with Hero’s Banquet for dinner.  We’ll be watching The Secret Life of Pets and I’ll be sporting my red Thundershirt.  Rumor has it there might even be frozen treats.

I’m not sure how all our other canine friends and readers are celebrating the next few days, but we’re going to be low key.  I hope you all enjoy the holiday and stay safe.  I’m counting the days until I’m free to collect this rain check, whatever it turns out to be.

Patriotic Princess -- Tales and Tails

Patriotic Princess