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I came across an interesting article the other day as I was going through my Facebook feed.  I wish I’d thought to save it for later, but it was an interesting view on how millennials are feeling the love.  It took me a bit by surprise, but it did make me think a little during this week focused on love.

She Warms My Heart -- Tales and Tails

She Warms My Heart

There is a big reason why many millenials are buying new houses.  It’s not because they’ve found a significant other.  Starting a family isn’t the reason, either.  More than ever, millenials are buying houses so that their pets will have a backyard to play in.

When I first read it, I did a double take.  The more I thought about it, though, the more it made sense.  When Mr. Taleteller and I first got married, we lived in an apartment that allowed cats, but no dogs.  Three years later, we had to move into our rural county because there’s a residency requirement for his job and the rental options were sparse.  It was going to be cheaper to make a house payment then it was to pay rent for one of the few available rental options.  So, we closed on our house on October 27 and we had a month left on our lease on the apartment.  We took advantage of that month to do some painting and then move our things over.  By Thanksgiving at the end of November we were living in our house.  We met a Greyhound adoption group at Petsmart during that crazy Christmas shopping weekend and it sealed the deal.

A Little Tweet Heart -- Tales and Tails

A Little Tweet Heart

We went up to the adoption kennel once before Christmas and then went back to make our final decision and bring home our first dog as adults.  Once we brought Treat home, we were totally smitten with her and with the breed.  In our case, we got a dog after we got a house because we were able to.  But if we had gotten her before we had a house, I could easily have seen us looking at things differently when we started house hunting.

In a day and age when meeting the right person is a lot harder than finding the right dog, I’m not surprised that so many people are feeling the love for their pets and making decisions based on their dog’s happiness.  In this crazy world, you have to go after what makes you happy.  If coming home to your own little house and hanging out in the back yard with your significant other who happens to have a furry face makes you happy, then I say go for it.

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