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One day recently over the holidays, Mr. Taleteller and I found ourselves at home for a rare change instead of running somewhere.  It had been quite a while since we’d found ourselves getting sucked in to some television watching, but when I came in, he had Animal Planet on.  It had been a long time since we’d watched it.  I’d actually quit putting it on because every time it was it seemed like some dog or cat was crying in pain on some rescue or vet show.  It put me on edge, so I figured my dogs weren’t enjoying it, either.  That day, however, I found out about a show they have called Animal Cribs that features home remodeling ideas that have dog designs to solve practical living problems that people have.

Things That Go -- Tales and Tails

Things That Go

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how we got out of the house.  We were both immediately hooked.  One show had a Mastiff who drooled a lot, a tiny Chihuahua who’d lived on the street and two humans who loved wine.  The Mastiff would get a drink, then drool all over the floor which makes a slipping hazard and tends to warp floors.  It was in the same room the people kept their wine in a special refrigerator.  They also had a backyard problem with Giardia, so the big dog couldn’t go outside because it made her sick.  None of them could enjoy being out there.

The team totally redid their backyard, creating a wine table with a fire pit that also vented warm air out the bottom for the dogs to enjoy on chilly nights and cleared out the problems that caused the Giardia.  They even planted a garden with some safe plants that the dog could eat to soothe her stomach when the disease flared up.  They also created a drinking station in the house that had a large area to catch the drool and drain it.  It also greatly improved on their wine area.  I’m selling it short here in the interest of time, but it was incredibly cool.  Most episodes involved two projects in the house and a remodel for the backyard to make it all dog friendly, as well as human friendly and aesthetically pleasing.  As far as I was concerned, there was nothing not to like.  Truth be told, I’m surprised that there aren’t more shows like it because of how much the importance of pets have grown in our lives.

Fast Dog Lives Here -- Tales and Tails

Fast Dog Lives Here

It got me started thinking about a project we started last year.  We got distracted as life got busier in the fall and winter, but we’re hoping to start working on it again.  We wanted a place for Flattery and Küster to be able to chill out while we’re gone that’s their own space, with amenities made for each of them.  It would also be a “safer” area for Küster to burn off some steam and then hopefully be able to come upstairs to hang out with everyone and be a little calmer.  If that’s possible for him.  I’m trying to think of some ideas for specific things I want in specific parts of it, and it will take time for us to work on it.  But I’m hoping that it turns out the way we’ve hoped and that we’ll be able to share the finished project here on the blog later.

I’m also wondering if any of you out there have done any home projects that revolved around your dogs.  Whether it’s to solve a specific problem or to just make life easier in some way, I’d love to hear about what you did.  Sharing pictures would be even better.  Design with dogs has so many possibilities and I love the idea that you can do things to make life better for them and also make your house more enjoyable for you.

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