Creature Of Habit

by Houndstooth on

Now that we’re down to being a two dog household for the time being, I have noticed some things about Flattery that I hadn’t before.  Of all the dogs we’ve had in our time together, Flattery is the hardest to read as far as who she prefers.  She seems to be mainly an equal opportunity girl, but I feel that deep down, her heart really belongs to my husband.  One thing I have learned about her is that she is very much a creature of habit.

Love... -- Tales and Tails


I used to think that she just didn’t come into the bedroom to join me in the mornings because Bunny was already there.  At night, she was usually the last one to join us in the bedroom and now that Bunny is gone, she rarely comes in there at all, even to sleep at night.  She’d rather sleep in the living room, either on the couch or on the floor beside his crate.  She could come back in there and join me if she wanted to, but she never does.

There’s also been the fact that almost every day while I’ve been off I’ve left the house.  On the weekends, when there’s a sign that we might go somewhere, Flattery has been all about reminding us that she’d like to go, too.  When I get ready to go, she doesn’t even move off the couch during the day.  There’s not even an ear twitch, much less a wagging tail hoping to go with me.

I admit, it’s made things hard for me.  First I had Treat and then Bunny who clearly showed a preference for me and would seek out my presence to “just be” together.  Both of them would come and sleep in bed with me, although Bunny was determined to sleep in the bed even if I wasn’t in there.  If I sat on the couch, they both had to curl up beside me, either to snuggle close or sometimes just to be touching me with one paw.  If I started getting ready to go, both of them were dancing beside me, wanting to be included.  I looked forward to coming home because they both had their own unique ways of showing just how happy they were that I’d returned.

The other night, I had a revelation.  I’d been out for awhile and when I got home, Flattery was there at the back door to greet me with her wagging tail.  After I’d let her out and fed her and Küster dinner, I sat down at the computer to get some writing done.  A little while after I’d sat down, she came over to see me, wagging her tail and pressing her head to my chest when I leaned over to pet her.

After that, she started playing a little in the living room, tossing a toy and then just running around some and play bowing.  My husband got home and she made sure he was greeted, too.  Then she stood guard to make sure Küster didn’t get too rowdy when Mr. Taleteller took him outside to take care of business.  She likes to supervise this little routine every night.  Once everyone is in for the night, so to speak, she is a happy girl.

Feeling The Love -- Tales And Tails

Feeling The Love

I’ve come to realize that her behavior during the day is less about how she feels about me and more about her biorhythms.  During our normal schedule, Flattery sleeps during the day.  Actually, Küster does, too.  It’s their down time when the humans aren’t (supposed) to be here.  At night is when both of them are active and engaged with us.  Flattery is a lot more of a creature of habit than I’d realized.  Looking back, she was much the same way when Bunny was alive, except that her fear of missing out always had her asking to go if Bunny was asking to go.

I think of how many new Greyhound owners I’ve seen lamenting that their new hound doesn’t like them and now I suspect that a lot of it is just the same thing that I have with Flattery.  There’s also the fact that they aren’t an “in your face” kind of breed.  They’re reserved and quiet.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t love you, it just means that their nap time is more important than your sometimes crazy schedule.