Chicken Jerky To Write Home About

by Houndstooth on

I was recently asked by to do a review of Merrick’s Chicken Jerky, and since reviewing treats is one of the blog perks that my dogs live for, I agreed to do it.  If you read the blog last week, you might already know that one of the dogs was more excited about this review than the others.  Flattery stole the package off the table, where it was waiting to be photographed, and ate half the contents before I was able to get out of the bathroom.

Merrick Jerky Strips

Merrick Jerky Strips

The good news is that she gave the treats a pretty high endorsement.  As I tried to gather the package away from her, she was eating the pieces as fast as she could.  I did manage to save enough strips for each of the other dogs to eat, and they all ate them with gusto, too.  So, I can say that this product is high enough value to incite young hounds into civil disobedience, if nothing else.  I think I could get them to do just about anything to get these treats, which is nice to know when you’re trying to teach a new dog in your house a lot of things.

Of course, if you’re the human buying treats, you care about more than that.  They are all natural and made in the United States, which is important to most people with all the food recalls being announced. They have no corn, wheat or soy.  They were easy to break apart into smaller pieces so that you could use them for training, too.  They’re made with real cuts of meat, which is reassuring and appetizing for the dogs.  They run around $5.99 for a package of about eight strips, which I felt was a pretty good price.  It might not be something we’d feed them every night after turn out, but to break up for training or photo treats, or a special reward, I thought they’d be great.

ChewyTanLogoI can’t say that I found anything to dislike about them, besides the fact that Flattery succeeded in counter surfing to get them, which I’m sure we’ll have to work to dissuade her from now.  I think they’d make a great treat for crate training, especially if you have a dog who gets a little fussy when you leave.   We will definitely be getting more of them, and we’ll be keeping them up high in the cupboard.