Search And Rescue Saturday — It’s Not A Puppy

by Mr. Taleteller on

That’s correct, sorry to disappoint the fine readers of this blog but if you read last week’s post, it’s not a puppy. Here’s the plan… Everyone has met K-9 Jesse from our team.  A little wiggly bundle of energy handled by my teammate Joan.  K-9 Jesse and Joan have certified in Human Remains Detection and […]

Search And Rescue Saturday–

by Mr. Taleteller on

See you next week.  Life took over my schedule this week and I was not able to do any writing.  I know that I’ve mentioned it before but I believe I have decided to work another dog in addition to my boy, Kuster.  That’s next weeks blog.  We’ll talk then.

Advice From The Dog

by Houndstooth on

Lately, I feel like there’s been pressure from all sides about all kinds of things.  There’s certainly political pressure, social pressure, financial pressure and things that just keep piling up from all sides.  It can be overwhelming.  This week as I went back to work, I was a little more aware of the pressures of […]