About Morgan

Born November 4, 2008


Morgan Angelina jak Noar is one of our resident German Shepherds.  She was born November 4, 2008.  She likes to keep us all together.

Morgan is currently going to various classes with Mr. Taleteller and does well.  She’s a smart girl who is very driven.  As Bunny would say, “She has the disease to please.”  It doesn’t seem to bother her that she lives with two Greyhounds.  She would like them to play bitey face with her, though.  She considers herself Bunny’s personal bodyguard, especially at the dog park.  She also loves being the  big sister to Kuster.

She is a registered pure bred German Shepherd from German lines.  She came to us at eighteen months old because her first family realized they didn’t have the right home for her.  From the first day, she has acted like a member of our pack and keeps watch over all of us.  You can also follow more of Morgan’s adventures on her blog, Wandering Wolfy.

Portrait of Morgan