A Photo Safari Adventure

by Flattery Noar on
Hello, it’s me, Flattery!  I have a story to tell you from this weekend.

Most of the time, our winter adventures are pretty low key because of the weather and how busy things can get.  However, our first weekend in January felt more like late March than the beginning of winter.  Team Küster went out for training in the morning, but they were back before lunchtime.  To my surprise and delight, my female parental unit suggested an outing that included dogs and taking pictures.  She said that it was a good day for a little photo safari adventure since she wanted some nice pictures of us good looking black dogs to start off the year.

Breaking Out -- Tales and Tails

Breaking Out

You might have noticed that my human has an eye for murals.

When she spots a new mural in the area, the wheels in her brain start turning.  As it happens, there are a couple of places in town that have new murals and she was excited to see them up close.  I was just excited to be getting out of the house.

Our first stop was a mural that we’ve visited quite a few times before.  It’s a bit famous in our area and I think you can guess why we love it.  It’s whimsical, creative and it includes dogs.  It’s on the Born Paint Building and they sell a lot of the products that are featured in the fine details of the mural, which is pretty clever advertising, if you ask me.

I Dig Poodles -- Tales and Tails

I Dig Poodles

After that, we headed up to Main Street.  One side of the One World Cafe already has a pretty nice mural, but just recently, the other side had some added.  There are four new murals there that are all beautiful and fit in nicely with the artistic vibe of the Main Street neighborhood.  We’ve visited several others there through the years and I have to say that posing in front of them always makes us look good.

My human did say that she wanted individual pictures of me and Küster this time.  She said she doesn’t have the patience or heart yet to try to get us to pose together.  Something about how Küs never stands still.  I’m sure I was mistaken when I heard her mutter about me not looking at the camera during the rare moments when he does sit still in place.  I mean, I’m a full fledged professional.

Maiden Of Spring -- Tales and Tails

Maiden Of Spring

It’s hard to say what my favorite part of the day was.

It was absolutely lovely to get out and spend time together and to see my human enjoying the sunshine.  I’m not sure if the second best part was all the people who stopped to pet and fuss over me or the puppucinos we got for posing so nicely.  All I am sure of is that I want to go on another photo safari adventure soon.  We didn’t even get to all of the new murals, so I’m hoping there will be another photo day sometime soon.