A Dog Bed For A Dog

by Houndstooth on

There are some nights when I suspect that I live in a zoo instead of a regular house.  The other night was a good example of this, as well what a character Flattery is at times.  It’s entirely possible that she has become too spoiled.  I never thought that having a dog bed for a dog would be a bad thing.

It's Not Easy Being Princess -- Tales and Tails

It’s Not Easy Being Princess

The other night, we were planning to enjoy a quiet night at home.  Since it was going to be cold and possibly snowy later this week, we ran a few errands to cut down on needing some things later this week.  It didn’t take us too long and we were home in time to put things away and get settled in to watch some favorite shows.  I sat down in my chair to do some work on the computer while my husband wanted to sit down on the couch.  His chair broke not too long ago and so the couch has become a much higher commodity.  He had a little work that he needed to get done before he let Küster out for the night, so he shooed Flattery from her spot on the couch and sat down beside Bunny before Flattery had even realized what was going on

To say that Flattery wasn’t happy to give up her spot would be quite an understatement.  She gave him a serious mean glare and turned around with an “I’ll show you” flounce that made me wonder what she was going to come up with.  It didn’t take long for her to reveal her plan.  She started pacing in front of Küster, which in turn got Küster to start barking.  I’d had a bit of a rough day and I was not in the mood for their shenanigans.  I wanted to get my work done and then be able to relax.  I told Flattery to get her little butt in the living room and lay down.  She circled around like she couldn’t find a place to lay down.

At that point, I about lost it.  There are several perfectly good dog beds in our living room, one of which is probably nicer than the bed we humans sleep in.  It’s elevated, comfy and even heated when it needs to be in the winter time.  I patted the bed and told her to get her little butt over there and lay down.  I think she was too surprised to put up much resistance.  She got up there and laid down, but made sure that she gave me another dose of the hairy eyeball before she let out a deep sigh.

It Wasn't Me -- Tales and Tails

It Wasn’t Me

When Mr. Taleteller finally got down, he let Küster out to join us.  Bunny saw him coming and stretched her little body out as far as she possibly could.  Once again, Flattery was left with a dog bed for  dog and she had a good sulk about it.  A part of me has to just laugh.  We spent a week making that bed as comfy and cushy as we possibly could, and most of the time, the dogs absolutely love it.  The exception to the rule is when it’s someone else’s idea or you suggest the option of a dog bed for a dog to a dog.  Then you best expect to be on her bad side.