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Recently, we were approached by Stop The Fight! Dog Toys and asked if we would like to try out The Cube Pull Apart Toy. The Cube was designed by Ben Schwendiman to hold up to his dog’s intense desire to pull the stuffing out of his toys.  I had a feeling this would be right up Morgan, Küster and Flattery’s alley since none of them can resist pulling all the guts out of a stuffie once they’ve found even the barest hint of the white fluff.  Morgan, especially, loves to dismantle toys and she’s so fast that you can literally walk in and out of another room and miss the whole event sometimes, so I decided to give it a go.  I figured if it could stand up to the workout our dogs would give it, then I would be impressed.

This Looks Interesting -- Tales and Tails

This Looks Interesting

The Cube was designed with dogs like ours in mind.  The exterior is made of heavy duty duck cloth and the “stuffing” is a long length of webbing.  The idea behind it is that your dog can pull the webbing out over and over, to their heart’s content, as long as you are willing to keep pushing it back inside.  Instead of fighting your dog’s instinct to pull the stuffing out, you can have fun dismantling the toy together, or cheering your dog on.

So, the toys arrived at our house and I had a little trouble getting our dogs interested in them.  Flattery and Bunny completely ignored it.  I wasn’t surprised that Bunny wasn’t interested, but Flattery normally can’t wait to try out new toys.  Morgan was similarly uninterested.  Every morning, she plays like a banshee, but she wasn’t interested in The Cube.  She has a one-track mind that is fixated on getting her Honky Pig every morning and making him grunt for mercy.  I tried hiding the pig inside The Cube and she still wasn’t too impressed.

About a week after we got the toys, I told Mr. Taleteller that we really needed to get at least one of the dogs interested in the toy so I could tell everyone what they thought of them.  So, he grabbed one of the toys and started tossing it in between pig tosses during Morgan’s morning play time.  Suddenly, Morgan was a lot more interested.  For her, The Cube is a lot more stimulating as an interactive toy.  She got really excited about playing tug with it and then found out that she could pull the inside out.

I'll Shake The Stuffing Out -- Tales and Tails

I’ll Shake The Stuffing Out

Once she figured out how it worked, she was a lot more interested in it, but she still views it as something interactive.  She’s not interested in playing with it by herself.  Her tail wags like mad, however, when she’s playing tug with Mr. Taleteller and can then pull the webbing out during their little battle.  That’s what works for her.

Now Küster took to the toy the first time he saw it.  He came up to hang out in the living room one night and found it pretty quickly during his inspection of the toy box.  He could care less about pulling the webbing out of the toy.  He likes to grab it and try to shake the webbing out.  It totally fits his style of play, too.  He loves to give things a good, solid shake up and this toy holds up to that perfectly.  As a matter of fact, he likes it so much that Mr. Taleteller has snagged one of the toys we got to try out for a search and rescue training toy.

I have to say that the toy definitely does what they designed it for.  Morgan and Küster have both given it a workout and are having a great time with it.  My one word of warning is not to let your dog play with this toy alone.  They use some pretty heavy duty webbing on it, but Morgan has chewed part of it enough to fray it.  She is a serious power chewer and I think she just got so stimulated with the toy that her chewing instincts went crazy.  I don’t want her swallowing any of that, though, so this toy gets played with only when we can be there with her to supervise, but that’s something you should do with most toys that you give your dogs.

Give It To Me -- Tales and Tails

Give It To Me

The toy sells for $19.95 and you can buy it from their website.  They are hoping to develop a whole line of dog toys that appeal to dog’s instincts and nature.  We also have one here to give away to a lucky reader.  Just fill out the rafflecopter below to be entered to win.  The winner will be chosen next week and we will contact you by email, so be sure we can contact you if you enter.

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[disclaim]We were not compensated for this review.  We were given two Cube Pull Apart Toys to try for review.  Tales and Tails does not endorse products that we don’t feel comfortable using ourselves.[/disclaim]

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