Couch Comfort -- Tales and Tails

Too Much Togetherness

by Houndstooth on

A lot of mornings, my husband gets up early, lets the dogs out and then goes to sleep on the couch.  This is especially true on weekends when we don’t have somewhere that we need to go early in the day.  Since Mr. Taleteller had training early on Saturday, Sunday was on tap to be […]

Angel Face -- Tales and Tails

You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

by Houndstooth on

This weekend Mr. Taleteller and Küster were busy with a lot of training.  They were also busy wishing one of their team members a fond farewell as she starts a new job to the north.  While she will still be around at times, she’ll be gone most of the time and not able to be […]

Spring Break Memories -- Tales and Tails

Being An Island

by Houndstooth on

Sometimes in life, a lot of things seem to pile up on you at once.  I seem to be going through one of those times in my life right now.  Going back to work is always stressful at the beginning of the new school year.  Then some other things reared their ugly heads this weekend, […]

Everything I Need To Know -- Tales and Tails

Advice From The Dog

by Houndstooth on

Lately, I feel like there’s been pressure from all sides about all kinds of things.  There’s certainly political pressure, social pressure, financial pressure and things that just keep piling up from all sides.  It can be overwhelming.  This week as I went back to work, I was a little more aware of the pressures of […]

The Kiss -- Tales And Tails

Reach Out And Touch Someone

by Houndstooth on

This week as I’ve gone back to work, I’ve noticed the usual changes in our dogs.  They become less hopeful about going with me when I’m following the usual routine.  In the mornings, they are generally a lot more low key.  Bunny is content to go back to bed enjoy her quiet time in there.  […]