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A Feel Good Story

by Houndstooth on

One night this week while I was watching the news, I saw a feel good story that touched my heart.  I think most of the people who read the blog will feel the same way when they see it, and after this week I think we need to share a feel good story.  If this […]

Bridging the Gap -- Tales and Tails

The Kids Are Alright

by Houndstooth on

We have had more people than I can count checking in on us these days, and I am very thankful for it.  One of the things I am asked a lot is about how Flattery and Küster are doing.  Today I’m here to tell you that the kids are alright. At first, I felt like […]

Flattery At The Door -- Tales and Tails

The Visitor

by Houndstooth on

Over the weekend, we had a lot of people reach out to us and offer their condolences and support.  We really are lucky to have so many wonderful people who care about us and our dogs.  On Sunday, one of our fans and an old friend, called and told me he was on his way […]

Calm In The Heart Of The Storm -- Tales and Tails

A Few Simple Words

by Houndstooth on

I only have a few simple words to say today.  There have been an incredible number of people who have reached out to me since Bunny was sick and then passed away.  I knew that Bunny was incredibly special to me.  I had no true idea of how special she was to other people from […]

Just The Two Of Us -- Tales and Tails

Once Upon A Time…

by Houndstooth on

Once upon a time, there were two humans who were young and in love.  They got married and after three years, they bought a house together.  They immediately wanted to get a dog.  They adopted a Greyhound named Treat who was so wonderful and perfect that they ended up adopting three other Greyhounds.  Unfortunately, Treat […]

Snug As A Bug -- Tales and Tails

Restoring Faith In Humanity

by Houndstooth on

Yesterday didn’t start out the way I’d planned or expected at all.  I mentioned that Bunny was feeling under the weather, and I really thought it was her arthritis acting up with the cold, damp weather.  When we woke up yesterday morning, her face and neck were all swollen up and I knew what it […]

Petcube Play -- Tales and Tails

Technology Saves The Day

by Houndstooth on

I think most pet parents know that there are a variety of different ways that technology can help them with their pets.  You can get everything from microchips to tracker collars, automatic feeders and pet cameras.  I’ve tried a variety of different pet technology with varying results.  I never thought I’d encounter a time with […]