You’ve Come A Long Way, Flattery

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It’s hard to believe, but this week we are celebrating having Flattery in our lives for two years.  For those who don’t know the story, several things led us to be together.  I took a photo of Bunny that was featured on the blog and we won the Nose to Nose Award for best blog photograph that year.  Winning the prize meant that we were able to make a donation of food to the adoption group we got Bunny from.  It took a little while for the food to be delivered, however, because of some red tape.  Between the time we won and the time the food was received at the kennel, our senior Greyhound, Blueberry, passed away because of osteosarcoma.

Woe, Thy Name Is Flattery -- Tales and Tails

Woe, Thy Name Is Flattery

When we heard that the food was delivered, I talked my husband into driving up to the kennel for a visit so Bunny could write a post about how nice it is to be able to give back.  I admit that I was ready to start thinking about the idea of another Greyhound in our lives, although I’m not sure Mr. Taleteller was quite there yet.  One of my goals with the blog is to make people wish they had a Greyhound of their own, if they don’t already, and I was starting to feel the pressure (that I was putting on myself) to find the perfect Greyhound that everybody would fall in love with.

Goof Ball -- Tales and Tails

Goof Ball — The First Picture of Flattery

We went up to the kennel and it was not a hardship to meet the adoptable dogs while we were there.  There was one I’d heard a little about and I was curious to see her.  While she was very pretty, Bunny was not impressed by her and actually avoided her.  She was just too much dog for her.  We met another one who was more puppy than dog and was more dog than I knew we could handle.  Several dogs later, we met a little black dog and in my mind I was thinking about the reasons why she wouldn’t work.  Black dogs are hard to photograph.  Her tail was broken on the end and looked a bit like a monkey’s tail.  She was really skinny and gangly. Surely this dog wouldn’t convince people to adopt a Greyhound.

Flattery in the Flowers -- Tales and Tails

Flattery in the Flowers

But then I looked back at my camera, and the pictures I’d taken of her arrested my attention.  She had incredibly gorgeous eyes.  She was also very sweet, preferring to come and be close to us instead of running around and playing.  Bunny was also friendly with her, not overly in love, but not intimidated or unhappy, either.  She also was four years younger than Bunny and we didn’t want to have two senior dogs at the same time years down the road.  Soon, we were talking about putting her on hold and driving back up with a bigger car to bring her home.  We talked about it on the way home and before we even got home, we made a phone call to say that we wanted her.

Hounded By The Paparazzi -- Tales and Tails

Hounded By The Paparazzi

Two days later, we went back up and brought her home.  It hasn’t always been easy and we are still working on some issues, but she has come such a long way and she has brought so much to our family that it has been worth it.  She has taught me a lot of things already.  We have learned a lot of patience, no doubt about that.  We have also learned a lot about being creative and attacking a problem from a different angle.  Flattery has a different learning style from any other dog we’ve ever had, but she’s incredibly smart.  We just have to keep perfecting our teaching style with her.  All the time that we are training her, she is also training us.

One Long Neck -- Angel Sallade Photography

One Long Neck

I don’t know where things will end up with her, but I do know that I am glad she came into our lives.  She has so many of Blueberry’s traits that it’s uncanny at times.  Whether she’s chasing crickets, attacking Mr. Bill or making funny faces, she spends a lot of her time making us laugh.  When she’s not doing that, she is usually being incredibly sweet.  In spite of the fact that her corns sometimes bother her, she is always eager to go and she doesn’t care where it is.  She is really coming in to her own, and I am so glad that we’ve stuck it out with her.  You’ve come a long way, Flattery, and you’re still going places!  Remember that the dog you adopt today is not the dog you’ll have a year from now, or even two years from now.

Looking For Adventure -- Tales and Tails

Looking For Adventure

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16 Responses to "You’ve Come A Long Way, Flattery"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Flattery sure is photogenic.

    So glad she found you.

    Hope you have a good day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    Flattery has eyes that are so expressive! You can tell she love the camera and aims to please you. The pictures are fantastic! The picture elegant picture of Flattery in the picture One Long Neck. Have a great day!

  3. things always happen for a reason and often when we least expect it – she was meant to be part of your family and she is beautiful

  4. Emma says:

    Congratulations on two years, Flattery. Your master plans are working, keep it up! We love you!

  5. catchatcaren says:

    I remember sooo vividly when you brought that precious baby home! Can’t believe it has been two years!!!! Wishing you many, many more!

  6. jan says:

    Black dogs are hard to photograph, but you are up to the challenge. The photo against the black background is incredibly dramatic.

  7. De Hufford says:

    Your greyhounds sound wonderful. And your pictures are really fantastic.

  8. whippetmom says:

    Just love your blog; it makes up for the withering that takes place during most of the work day!

  9. Casey the Boxer says:

    Happy Gotcha Day, Flattery! I’m sure glad you got to come home with the Taletellers!

  10. I love Flattery and your blog does make me want a greyhound! They are beautiful.

  11. Jen says:

    2 years already, wow!

    Black dogs are my favorite. My clothing hides their shedding 😉

    I’m so glad goofy pretty Flattery came into your lives!

  12. I can’t believe that you thought photography would be an issue. You are so beyond talented that you both make me glad that I set my camera down and glad that I’m picking it up again – you inspire me. I charged my camera last night 😉

  13. GeoFizz says:

    I love black and white dogs. My first two greys were black and white, or rather one was White with black spots Nsnoe was black with white toes and chest.

    And you’re right… Greyhounds are like a scotch, they’re better with age. They are wonderful and we see wonderful changes in them through out their lives. Love, Love, Love greyhounds because everything else is just a dog!

  14. Taryn says:

    Between your blog, Sue’s blog, and the gal in Georgia who does agility with her Greys, I would love to have one! I’m convinced!

  15. Jodi says:

    It is amazing to look back and see the growth they achieve in the amount of tie we have them. Folks that knew Delilah then and now understand just how far she’s come, despite her wackiness. LOL Good job with Flattery, one day you will look at her and think, really? She was that wild?

  16. Patty says:

    Beautiful photos of Miss Flattery. The one with the flowers is gorgeous!

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