You Have Been Summoned

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The last few weeks, I’ve noticed a new routine at our house that makes both my husband and me laugh.  I’m not sure how it started, probably subtly, as many routines do.  For a long time, it has been Bunny’s routine to go back to our bedroom after we start getting ready for work.  That’s been a long standing part of her day for almost as long as I can remember.

Sleeping On It -- Tales and Tails

Sleeping On It

Some dogs walk you to the door on your way out, but Bunny isn’t one of them unless she thinks there’s a chance she’s going with you.  She’s already off in dreamland before we’re out of the house.  The Petcube proves what I already suspected, which is that she spends her mornings in our room until Mr. Taleteller comes home at lunch time to let the dogs out.

In the morning when we first get up, my husband puts the baby gate up until we get the bed made.  Bunny might appear to be napping on the couch, but when that baby gate comes down, she springs into action.  This is where the routine has changed.  She used to head straight to the bed without passing go or collecting two hundred dollars.

Now, she gets up, heads to the bedroom and pauses in the hallway to give my husband a meaningful look.  Once they’ve made eye contact, she looks to the bedroom, back at him and then, once she’s certain the message has been relayed she heads into the bedroom.  “You have been summoned,” is the clear message. Mr. Taleteller protests a little, but it’s a token effort, and follows her into the bedroom.  Bunny rolls over on her back and my husband spends five to ten minutes rubbing her belly.  There is no disobeying of the royal decree of the princess.  She simply expects it as her due.  Who are we to argue?

Take Me Away -- Tales and Tails

Take Me Away

Part of me has to laugh at her expectation that this will happen every morning.  She is so single minded in her determination that I often find myself not questioning her will until after I’ve done something.  In her younger days, she would have charmed us into giving her what she wanted.  Now that she’s a grande dame, she knows that we will give her what she wants.  If she were obnoxious about it, I’m sure we wouldn’t laugh and give in, but she is a step ahead of us in that department.

It’s a good lesson for all of us in how to get what we want.  Barking demands rarely work and usually teaches others to ignore us.  A little tail wag will get you a lot farther.  If only we could remember it when we need it the most.

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  • Sue Dyer

    So, we have to wiggle our butt, flutter our eyelashes and then lay on our back with out legs in the air. I think that comes under the heading: How To Look Like A Hussy:) LOL

  • Vicky

    That is so cute. I love that she just expects it as her due to have her belly rubbed every morning before going to sleep. And, I love that Mr. Taleteller always gives in. Bunny is one lucky pup.