A Few Words About Dog Safety During Independence Day

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This week is a big holiday here in the United States.  My family actually enjoys Independence Day a lot, but its the one holiday that we dogs are really not included in too much, and I’m okay with that.  I heard that more dogs get lost in our country on the Fourth of July than on any other day.  It’s no wonder with all the crazy things that change on that day.  I was thinking about how lucky I am to live with my family who loves and understands me on this important day of the year.

Every year, my family has a party on July 3, because that’s when the fireworks are set off in our little town.  I know a lot of people get really upset because their dogs get so upset.  For the record, while the fireworks make me pretty nervous and uncomfortable, I don’t curl up in a ball of debilitating fear.  My family takes a lot of precautions to be sure that I’m safe and sound, and as comfortable as possible during the big party and show.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Naps -- Tales and Tails

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Naps

I thought I’d share my list of things that help to keep me safe so that you can help your own dogs, either though the holiday or other stressful times at your house.

When everybody comes over, of course I like to socialize and meet the crowd.  I mean, I’m pretty sure the reason they come all this way is mostly to see me.  I do come outside to the party and make an appearance, usually before the food is served while Dad is grilling and everybody is standing around and talking.  After I’ve had my chance to meet the crowd, I go back in the house.

This is when the first safety protocol takes place.  Instead of lounging around on my couch or special bed, my humans take me and the rest of the pack to the basement.  This is for several reasons.  One is that it’s much cooler down there and it’s very insulated.  We can hear people coming in and out of the house to use the kitchen or bathroom, but we are closed away where we can’t get out should someone forget to close the door, and they put a baby gate up, too, as extra insurance.  Mom says that she’s not worried even a little bit about us biting someone, but if we’re out of sight and mind, there’s no temptation for people to do things that could cause a misunderstanding.  It also keeps a lot of the sounds out, so if people are setting off early firecrackers or the cars at the cruise in backfire, it just sounds like distant noise to us.

As things start winding down at the party, Mom comes downstairs and puts on my Thundershirt.  Dad puts Grease on the TV.  I don’t know why he picks Grease every year, but he does.  I guess he’s a fan.  Anyway, they make sure that we’re all settled and prepared before they walk down to the park to watch the fireworks.  Even those of us who don’t have any problem with noises get left behind in the cool safety of the house.

Thundershirt At The Ready -- Tales and Tails

Thundershirt At The Ready

This year, as an extra bit of insurance, I’ll also be wearing my Tagg tracker.  The odds of me getting out are slim, but Mom would be able to track me down faster than Küster could if I somehow got loose.  Mom says we will probably never have to use it to track me down, but she feels better knowing that she could if she had to.

There are some other things we’re doing differently this week to keep safe, too.

For some reason this week, people have started setting fireworks off early.  It startles me when it happens, but I don’t bolt in terror or anything.  Still, Mom has our harnesses on when we take walks this week, not just because they’re reflective and glow in the dark, but also because they have a handle on them that she could use to grab us if she had to.  That’s a little extra insurance that makes us both feel better.

Ready For Adventure -- Tales and Tails

Ready For Adventure

If there’s a night when a lot of fireworks are being set off, we just stay home.  It’s not worth the worry and stress.  We can always walk early in the morning if we really need to.  Honestly, this time of year we have to be flexible anyway, because sometimes it’s just too hot to walk, so we’re used to rolling with it.

So, there you have my list of things we do to stay safe this week.  Take it from me, humans, home is the place to be if you’re a dog on Independence Day.  Every year, there are a lot of sad stories related to dogs and fireworks, but I will sleep easy knowing that my story will always have a happy ending.

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12 Responses to "A Few Words About Dog Safety During Independence Day"
  1. Miss Bunny, we have always been uncomfy around this time of year. My brudder Dillon had a very hard time with all the fireworks, and people in our nayborhood usually have lots of the super loud illegal kind that explode and fly up in the air. I don’t really notice them much now that I’m older and my ears don’t work the same, but it is so impawtant for moms and dads to keep their pets indoors so they won’t get scared. Our fireworks already started tonight a little bit, they like to keep the pawty going as long as they can, I guess!

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    Really informative post.

    I hope you all stay safe and the humans enjoy their special day.

  3. Reilly & Denny Cowspotdogs says:

    we are lucky to have never been bothered by firefworks buut we have seen many doggies who have.

  4. SGilbert says:

    Schooner and Skipper are afraid of the fireworks. They have thundershirts but they don’t seem to help very much, we have to shut the curtains and turn on a movie to help drown out the noise. The problem is all the neighbors go in the street to light off the fireworks. That is a great idea to have a harness on. We are Vizslas and it is hard to find a harness that fits us. Where is the best place to get a nice looking harness like you have Bunny. That way our mom could hand on to us.

  5. Seems like you have the perfect set up to keep comfy and safe during the festivities! Enjoy watching Grease. I love that movie 😉

  6. Casey the Boxer says:

    Fireworks don’t pawticularly bother me, but Momma is still very careful to keep us inside where we won’t get skeered. Luckily Cinderella is so deaf that they won’t bother her at all!

  7. Dory and the Mama says:

    What a pawesome list Bunny. This year we are also doing things a bit different because it seems that our neighbors are particularly fond of fireworks….Thanks for the pawesome list!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  8. Emma says:

    We are always home on the fourth. Mom isn’t much for going out on that day and we can see a ton of fireworks from our house. Katie is the only one that is scared, but we don’t want to leave her alone with her fear. She will go upstairs into the bathroom and be fine there.

  9. M. K. Clinton says:

    Bentley will have his ThunderShirt on this year and I certainly hope that it helps. Our neighborhood shoots off a lot of fireworks and he HATES them! Pierre isn’t fazed in the least. We once had a miniature Schnauzer that was schizophrenic (self diagnosis because the dog was INSANE!) He loved fireworks of all types and would jump in the air like he was going to try to catch them. It was his favorite day of the year! hahaha!

  10. jan says:

    July 4 and Halloween are not happy times for dogs and it is hard to explain to them why humans do the weird things they do on that day. Best if dogs are allowed to stay safely away from all the silliness and noise. You have some great ideas

  11. M. K. Clinton says:

    Hello again! I just wanted to let you know that I am linking your post “Bunny & Kuster get an Eye Exam.” We took Bentley to an AAHA accredited vet and he did a similar exam! i was so stunned. I am writing that I’d never heard of it except on your blog. Thanks for being awesome! ♥♥

  12. Sara Blair says:

    This is a tough time of year for dogs. LUckily, the two dogs I have now don’t seem to notice the fireworks, but I’ve had dogs on the opposite end of the spectrum. So important to make sure they are safe.

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