Wordless Wednesday 9/6 — Hound About Town

by Houndstooth on
Hound About Town -- Tales and Tails

Hound About Town

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  • Sue Dyer

    Lovely photos of Flattery.

    Hope you have a nice day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Vicky

    Cute. She’s being a great model.

  • Stopping for a cup of coffee? Enjoy your walk 🙂

  • ShineJake

    Out for coffee, I see! Nice! Not sure Flattery needs the caffiene though, she’s already a hyper girl! 😉 Ha ha ha! Anyway, love the picture! You’ve got the next top model on your hands!

  • valentine

    Bessie & I wanted to stop by & say Hi! I hope you got a cookie on your walk! Mew Mew!

  • Wilma Beverly Moore

    Flattery is becoming quite the seasoned model! Good job!

  • Miss Harper Lee

    What a beautiful place to start the day, and with the best company ever. Happy Wordless Wednesday!