Wordless Wednesday 10/29 — Bubble Bubble Toil And Trouble

by Houndstooth on
Bubble Bubble, Toil And Trouble -- Tales and Tails

Bubble Bubble, Toil And Trouble


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20 Responses to "Wordless Wednesday 10/29 — Bubble Bubble Toil And Trouble"
  1. Sara, oreo & chewy says:


  2. Amy Boyer says:

    What are you girls brewing up today?

  3. Oz theTerrier says:

    That is a GRRRRRREAT Halloween photo!

  4. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Lily & Edward

  5. Mary says:

    Very cool shot.

  6. Puddles says:

    OMD….I loooooooves dat foto!!!!!!!!
    But da spider is freakin’ da kerazy lady out;)


  7. Talent Hounds says:

    Amazing pic!

  8. Yes I Know My Dogs Look Funny says:

    Awesome sauce! Especially love the skeleton crow. I’m sure the ladies are good witches.

  9. The OP Pack says:

    Spooky but at the same time bootiful!!! Beware of the spider!

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Casey the Boxer says:

    Something wicked this way comes!

  11. Dory and the Mama says:

    I see you have a witch in training Bunny…Good work!!

  12. jan says:

    Too gorgeous to be evil witches.

  13. Very nice.

    It makes me wonder why I’ve never planned my own MacBeth themed photo to go along with Something (wicked) Wagging This Way Comes. Maybe because I’m a stinky photographer? 🙂

  14. Jackie Bouchard says:

    Wow, great shot! How long did that take you to set up?

  15. Looks like the raven is the one who suffered the ‘trouble’! 😀

  16. Emma says:

    Nice and spooky!

  17. Sue Muir says:

    Your girls are so patient 🙂 So are you I guess, lol! Lovely photo.

  18. That is incredibly well done. The lighting is perfect, and your two girls are such amazing models!

  19. M. K. Clinton says:

    EEEKKKK!! Don’t summon any spirits unless it’s the drinking kind! ☺

  20. Dennis the Vizsla says:

    hello flattery and bunny its dennis the vizsla dog hay did yoo konjure up that bird skeleton??? it seems a little bit annoyd to hav ben brawt forth i hope it duznt start to chirp or ennything!!! ok bye

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