Wordless Wednesday 10/15 — It’s Alive

by Houndstooth on
It's Alive -- Tales and Tails

It’s Alive


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  • Oh dear I’m a little spooked, love the Halloween spirit 🙂

  • Sue Dyer

    What is the little stuffie character?

    • That’s Sparky, the dog from Frankenweenie!

      • Sue Dyer

        Still none the wiser:)

  • browndogcbr

    Hi Y’all!

    The elephant looks scared.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • That’s actually a dog, Sparky, from Frankenweenie! 😉

  • its Frankenstein dog !

  • Sara, oreo & chewy

    Bunny, what are you up to?

    • I’m afraid we’ve let her watch too many spooky shows…

  • Love the Halloween setting and I love Frankenweenie!!!

  • What a spooky pic! Love it.

    Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  • Two French Bulldogs

    That is really cool
    Lily & Edward

  • Great shot, so scary.

    • Thanks! We like to have fun with Halloween!

  • That is just fantastic! I love Frankenweenie 🙂

  • Talent Hounds

    Look at that pose!

  • Great picture-love Frankenweenie! Happy WW

  • Great imagination!

  • OooH! Scary in a silly sort of way 😉

  • M. K. Clinton

    Clapping, stomping feet, and whistling at such a creative photo! I love this!

    • Oh, I’m so glad you like it! We had a lot of fun with this one!

  • This is scary good fun!

    • Thanks! You’ve gotta have fun with Halloween as far as I’m concerned!

  • LOL! That is such a cool photo!

  • Jackie Bouchard

    That is SO cute! I love Sparky!!

  • Dory and the Mama

    What a great set up!!! Bunnystein!!!

  • Dennis the Vizsla

    hello bunny its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks just like wot the faymus minstrels the rolling stones sang abowt in their song start me up!!! ummm at leest i think it is!!! ha ha ok bye