Winter Of Our Discontent

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When I was in college, we had a Maine Coon Cat who had lived nine lives.  He had lived a colorful life being passed around through members of our neighbors family.  When he landed next door to us, he had already been declawed on his front and back feet, which is part of what made it ridiculous when the guy lost his job and they decided the cat, Alex, could hunt for his own food.  My mom felt sorry for him and started leaving food out on the back patio for him.  Long story short, Alex soon became our family cat.

Here Kitty Kitty -- Tales and Tails

Here Kitty Kitty

We wanted to make him strictly an indoor cat, but he’d had more than a taste of freedom and wasn’t giving it up.  Mostly, what he wanted was to lay outside on the driveway and bake in the sun.  That was fine on a sunny day, but on rainy days and in winter, it wasn’t possible.  We had two doors that led outside from our house, and usually if he wanted out, he would go to the front door and meow loudly.  If you opened the door and it was raining or snowing out, he became an angry kitty.  He’d caterwaul and run to the other door, certain that it would be sunny and warm on that side of the house.  One day, I spent twenty minutes laughing as I went back and forth between the doors for him, with the weather never changing.  He was a funny cat in a lot of ways and he lived to be a very old cat of twenty five years or so.

This winter,  Flattery has reminded me aa lot of Alex.  She’s restless in the house, but makes it very clear that she does not approve of the cold, damp weather.  I admit to feeling the same way a little myself.  This winter hasn’t come along with pretty snow, it’s mostly been damp and dreary.

Freaky Friday -- Tales and Tails

Cats On The Brain

One of Flattery’s favorite routines is to act like she needs to go out.  Once you head out the back door, she heads down the driveway in hopes of taking a walk.  The only problem is that it’s cold out there.  So, she’s added a new twist to it, which is heading to her door to enter the car, looking hopeful and cold at the same time.

I cant lie, it cracks me up.  In that way, she really is my dog.  I much prefer a warm ride in the car to a cold walk in the neighborhood.  I love the beginning of winter, but by this point, it becomes the winter of my discontent.  I am feeling Flattery’s pain.  At least we’re in it together, and no winter lasts forever.

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5 Responses to "Winter Of Our Discontent"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    I love the photos of Flatter with the kitties:) LOL

    Hope your weather improves soon. Must admit that I am longing for some warm dry sunny spring days. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    Great pictures of Flattery

  3. meowmeowmans says:

    We’re with Alex and Flattery. Cold weather makes us a little grumpy, too! 🙂

  4. Alex sounds like a cool cat and I am so glad that you took him in so to speak. ☺ It is always best to check both the front and the back doors just in case it is springtime out back. LOL!

  5. midget38 says:

    Looking cool, Flattery!

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