Winter Of Our Discontent

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I admit it, winter is my least favorite time of year.  I try to put on a brave face and find things to enjoy about the season, but if we cancelled it, I’d be fine with that.  This year health issues, older dog issues and severe weather issues have kept us from doing some of the things that I actually look forward to in winter, namely hiking and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.  Add to that some serious illness lately for both my husband and I and I think we’re all just waiting for winter to be over.  This has definitely become the winter of our discontent.

All Settled In For A Long Winter's Nap -- Tales and Tails

Napping Winter Away

We’re all tired, crabby and in serious need of some fresh air, sunshine and an escape from cabin fever.  I’ve even resorted to reorganizing my computer desk, which might become its own blog post.  On the weekends, we find ourselves taking rides together in the car just to get out of the house, with no destination in mind.  It honestly doesn’t even matter if we find something to do, as long as we get out of the house.  Our adventures have felt lackluster at best.

Today, we’re counting on the groundhog to bring us some good news and say that spring will be here early, but based on the weatherman’s forecast last night, our local groundhog has a good chance of seeing her shadow.  If I weren’t under the weather, I’d consider trying something drastic to alter the course of the weather prognosticator, but I don’t have it in me.

Signs Of An Early Spring -- Tales and Tails

Signs Of An Early Spring

This week, I’ve been home suffering with the stomach flu.  The first two days, I mostly tried to sleep through it and appreciate Bunny’s tender mercies and sympathy stomach gurgles.  Yesterday, I was human enough to enjoy just being with them and it reminded me about one of the things I do like about winter.  It’s okay to stay in, curl up with a book and let the world go by.  I’ve been so focused on not getting out, partly because I feel like I should be and partly because most years we are able to be, that I’ve overlooked the joy of staying in.

A week from now, we have the Olympics to enjoy and there’s something about the games that always makes the world feel a little smaller and warmer to me.  I’ve loved watching them since I was a little girl when my dad would let me stay up late to watch figure skating and hockey games.   I love seeing people from all over the world get a chance to celebrate what they love to do and show their skills and talents to everyone.  Once the games start, the dogs and I will enjoy watching the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat each night.

Go For The Gold -- Tales and Tails

Go For The Gold

I won’t wish the flu on anyone, but I am thankful for the perspective its given me.  I am missing the chance to get out to see frozen waterfalls and breathe fresh air, but there are other things to enjoy.  It just requires a change in thinking that I wasn’t able to do on my own.  I’m still going to be thrilled when spring gets here and we can enjoy being outdoors again and get ourselves back in shape.  But I’m going to be thankful for some down time to enjoy a slower pace until then, and I’m not going to make myself feel bad about it.

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