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One thing about this time of year is that a lot of people use it as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf.  As humans, we’re programmed to see this time of year as a beginning.  Aside from a tree being set up in the house for a couple of months and the furniture being rearranged, and then put back, I’m not sure our dogs notice much of a difference.  I’m guessing that what’s more important to them is the change in the weather and longer or shorter days and nights.  As far as making plans for change go, I am pretty sure that is a thoroughly human invention.

Required Reading -- Tales and Tails

Required Reading

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a small hope that we might get a little change out of the dogs, Flattery in particular.  I sat down with her on January first and had a little chat about becoming more mature, growing up and having better behavior.  She gave me a deep, soul searching look and then went off to take a nap.  I had hopes that a tiny bit of our talk sank in.

That night, a bag of turtle popcorn disappeared off the kitchen counter.  It was found ripped open on a dog bed in the living room.  We had no reason to believe that any of the dogs had any interest in the popcorn, so the theft was a bit of a surprise.  Fortunately, there were no ill effects and the mess wasn’t too difficult to clean up.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know it had happened because my husband was up early while I slept in.

The night after that, I went to the bathroom to wash off my face and by the time I got to the bedroom, Mr. Taleteller was snoring, Bunny was curled up  in between our spots with her head on my pillow and Morgan was out like a light.  I climbed into bed, glad I still had a spot left and settled in to read a little.  Not long after that, I heard a weird sound in the living room.  Flattery was the only dog not accounted for, so I called her name.  The noise got quiet and I went back to reading.  A minute later, I heard the sound again.  Again, I called out to Flattery in the living room.  This time, the sound didn’t stop.  It became more hurried and I suspected she was into something she shouldn’t be.  Mr. Taleteller heard me and got up to go investigate.

Self Service -- Tales and Tails

Self Service

It turns out that Flattery snagged another bag of popcorn and decided to help herself to a late night snack.  It was after the second bag that I learned of the first bag.  The one thing that’s apparent is that Flattery has no intention of making a change for the new year.

Aside from the annoyance of not getting to eat the popcorn ourselves, I can’t be too upset.  I have no clue what made her decide to take it just recently.  It’s been sitting on the counter since Christmas and she’s had no interest.  As far as I know, she hasn’t been given a taste of it while the humans were enjoying it.  Some whim just made her decide to take it lately.

Tonight, everything edible on the counter will be in lockdown and we’ll see what kind of idea she gets.  After several years, she’s still coming up with new ideas, still keeping us on our toes and still determined to live life on her terms.  As much as I like the idea of starting anew this time of year, I can’t argue completely with her logic.  In spite of her antics, or maybe because of them, I adore her more and more every day.  I love each of our dogs for their own reasons, but Flattery lets me get in touch just a little with my own wild child and I know that whatever comes next, it will be entertaining.

A Winter's Nap -- Tales and Tails

A Winter’s Nap

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  • Corgis and counter-surfing…..ain’t gonna happen….one of the best things about their stubby legs 😉

    Happy New Year!

  • SGilbert

    HA HA! We have a counter surfer and grabs anything he can find she so we will chase him to get it back…Oh well I guess we both needed a little exercise. It is fun how they are trying so hard to be quiet and sneaky when surfing for food. They love to get into my husband snacks while we are gone. They love cookies and candy!

  • Sue Dyer

    I’m reading that book at the moment:)

    More and more Flattery sounds just like my Honey. I am sure they must be related:) Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Vicky

    Oh Flattery! I guess we all need a wild child in our family to keep us on our toes. I agree with you, in that I don’t think Jan 1st meas a thing to our pups, even though they may notice that us humans are eating different and getting more exercise, which I’m sure they enjoy if they get to go for more walks too. Here’s to hoping that Flattery listened just a little. 😉

  • Trisha L.

    Snapshot counter surfed when he first joined our family. When he did, we told him “Snapshot down” and he never did it again after the second time.
    He does have mischievous behavior, but he is a good boy❤🐶❤