When Treats Are Tricks

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Every year, we put the Halloween collars on Bunny and Flattery so they can help us greet the trick or treaters at the door on the big night.  The last few years, however, we have seen very few kids out looking for treats.  There’s been a town wide party at the VFW and a lot of people seem to prefer to drive to the city and walk around the mall instead of going door to door.  We always get candy in the hopes of having people come by, but last year, I don’t think we got a single kid at our door.

Trick Or Tweet -- Tales and Tails

Trick Or Tweet

This year, one of the churches had a trunk or treat event and I figured we wouldn’t see much trick or treat action, but we put Morgan in the back room with the radio on anyway and had candy at the ready.  To our surprise, we had a lot of kids who appeared to be walking the few blocks down the street to the event at the church.

Bunny is old hand at the All Hallow’s Eve routine.  We put the baby gate up between our main door and the screen door so that the dogs can greet our guests but there’s no worry of them getting out.  Bunny knows that the sound of footsteps on the porch steps means people have arrived to adore her and pet her.  Every time the door opened, her tail was gently wagging and she was not disappointed in the petting and attention department.  I’m pretty sure she thought we gave the kids candy as a reward for visiting her.  She views it as one of the best nights of the year when she does not even have to walk around the nursing home for supplemental petting.  Everyone shows up at the door to pay homage to her.

Boo Who? -- Tales and Tails

Boo Who?

Flattery was not prepared for what was going to happen.  The last time we had many trick or treaters to speak of, we still had Blueberry.  She understood that there was a basket full of candy on the table.  She also understood that it must therefore be delicious and that she should have some.  Every time the door opened, she went to greet the guests with a different expectation than Bunny.  Flattery saw the basket of treats being carried over and figured that people wanted to give them to her.  Then, she became concerned that we were giving the treats away to strangers.  Every time the door opened, she became hopeful that someone would notice that she needed a treat, but it was just another cruel trick every time.

Her poor, confused little face made us both laugh.  Bunny was pleased as punch every time we opened the door and Flattery was worried that we were going to start giving away the dog treats to the greedy children who kept coming to the door.  She offered to let them pet her as a distraction, but she clearly had her eyes on the prize and almost reached into one candy bag to help herself.  Next year, we will have to be better prepared and have some sort of tiny treats that she can have when we greet people at the door.  It certainly added to our entertainment for the evening.

Treats For Tricks, You Say?

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  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Hope Flattery got a treat after all the kids had been.

    I didn’t get any trick or treaters round. Sue, Polly & Honey

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