Weak In The Face Of Puppy Breath

by Houndstooth on

This past Sunday I had another complication added to my case of puppy fever.  A good friend of ours who has an aging German Shepherd decided to get a puppy from the same breeder that we are getting our puppy from.  The litter of puppies that she’s getting hers from is now five weeks old, so she was going up to see them and decide for sure which puppy she wants.  Since we had been there before, she invited Mr. Taleteller and I to go with them.  I can’t lie, there was not even an ounce of coercion required to get me to go, even when I found out that we’d have to leave at oh dark thirty.

Pair of PuppiesWe had a good time chatting with our friend and her husband on the drive up.  Driving early on a Sunday morning also meant that we had very little traffic to contend with on our drive up, which was an added bonus and got us there quite a bit early.  We met Ms. Breeder and introductions were made, and she was happy to see us along with our friend, which made me feel even better about our choice with her.

Mother and SonThen we were off to the backyard, otherwise known as Puppy Heaven.  In a matter of minutes, the puppies were out of their pen and swarming our feet.  At five weeks old, their personalities were really starting to show.  I knelt down to take pictures of all that fuzz and cuteness and found myself swarmed, so I handed the camera off to Mr. Taleteller.  I mean, really, I couldn’t get good pictures with all those puppies piling up under my feet, could I?  The only decent thing to do was to pet them all.

Puppy MobOur friend had a pretty strong idea about which puppy she wanted and when she met him, I could see the magic happen.  I knew that no other puppies need apply, and I’m not sure I saw her pick up another one.  He spent his time charming her, sleeping in her arms or chasing after his mother when she came out to meet our friends.  She’s shutting the puppies and their sharp little teeth off the milk bar, but the puppies haven’t read that memo yet.   She was very sweet and patient with them, and also a very pretty girl.

Annie and PuppiesHi, My Name is LukaAfter talking with Ms. Breeder for a while and getting our fill of the puppies, she asked us if we’d like to look at our litter.  They’re still too small for us to handle them, but she said she’d gladly hold them up for us.  It was music to my ears.  No way was I missing the chance to see them, and they were just starting to open their eyes.  They still mostly look like guinea pigs, but they were adorable nonetheless.

Silver BoyI will admit that I have preferences in the litter, but if I say which one I want, I am sure that Mr. Hard-Hearted, ahem, Mr. Taleteller, will choose a different one.  I tried asking him what he thought of them.  “They look like puppies,” was the brief reply.  The man is made of stone, I tell you.  Yes, I know, they’re too small to know their personalities yet, but really, would it kill the man to be a little excited about them after inhaling all that puppy breath outside?

Purple GirlThe good news is that Luka, our friend’s new puppy, will be ready to go home in two weeks. That coincides with our litter of puppies being old enough to meet and, hopefully, finally make a decision on.  So, we’re invited to go back with them to pick up their puppy and meet ours.  After that, the countdown will be on until the little fuzzball comes home with us.  Can you smell the puppy breath?

Sweet Puppy Girl

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  • Jen

    Oh my gosh, roly-poly balls of fur! Your husband must have something wrong with him….or has just cultivated that stony exterior!

    Does this breeder specialize in SAR candidates, or does she title her dog in the working field? I don’t remember if you mentioned before (or if anybody asked!)

  • Can I smell the puppy breath? I’m swooning! GSD puppers are so precious. I just love to watch them change as they grow. The coat changes. The ears go up. They become so inquisitive. It’s pure, unadulterated HEAVEN!

  • What a cute way to start the day! Thanks for the puppy breath.

  • Ohhhh, there is nothing like puppy breath!!!!

  • Ooooo pick me! Pick me! I’ll go with you!!! (What’s a few thousand miles on the ol’ car, anyway?) They are sooooo cute. Fever rising. Must look away. Ooooo…

  • Aw they are so cute… I bet mum would have a TERRIBLE time just choosing one of them, she would want to bring them all home :-/

    Deccy x

  • Are you kidding? I can smell the puppy breath from here.

  • Oh, puppy breath! What memories it brings…..
    Can’t wait to see which one Mr. T picks to bring home.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: The littlest ones do look like guinea pigs, he he he.

  • sara, oreo & chewy

    Uh, I don’t think it gets any better than that! How fun.

    Love the photo of Morgan with her little mini me.

  • Sue

    Cute enough to eat:)

    Looking forward to having your update in two weeks.

  • I’m not keen on getting up super early on a Sunday morning, but Puppies, Puppies, Puppies. How could anyone resist?

  • Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This is going to be an adventure and I can’t wait!

  • Puppies!!! The fever has grown stronger and stronger in my house these days. It seems everyone is having a puppy and Rosie is screaming for puppies too!

  • Aw!! Fuzzy puppies!! Cute!

    Hey, Hawk is dog of the day over on Dogster!! Congrats!

  • Oh, puppy breath! I love it!

  • Roo

    Such cute lil ones! Such a happy thing to look forward to! A new pup in the house 😀

    Waggin at ya,

  • Dad won’t let mom get near puppies cuz him knows her will bring one home.
    Nothin’ better den puppy breath!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS We continue to send lots of luv and prayers to all of you as you mourn da loss of your sweet Lilac

  • KB

    There is no sweeter smell than puppy breath. When K went to the vet for the very first time, all FOUR vets on staff came running out to the waiting room, each wanting to inhale her sweet breath. It was hysterical!

    I’m so excited for you. I cannot believe Mr. Hard-Hearted’s “they look like puppies” statement… Does he not have the puppy cuteness gene? Something tells me that it’s going to change. I foresee a smitten man when your puppy is chosen.

  • oh it is a perfect parade of puppy cuteness! I swear Luka was smiling in that one photo with someone in a blue jacket….the puppies are soooo precious! Can’t wait to see who you choose and what their name will be!

  • Me WANTY! little balls of cuteness! Adorable. i’m anxiously awaiting how this will all play out. and btw: i loved reading about Morgan’s rescue post of Lilac. I wanted to say: they JUST know when it’s real and when you’re faking. it’s true. I can’t tell you how many times Loki KNOWS the real deal. that’s why they are who they are and the breed that they are. It’s just in the genes.

    Good luck choosing a puppy! I would want them ALL! it be so hard to choose!

  • First time commenter saying hi! Nothing like puppies to bring lurkers out of the woodwork to ooh and ahh. I haven’t seen many photos of GSD puppies before and, wow, could they be any cuter? I love that second photo of mom and baby with that little puppy tail up in the air. I would get up at oh dark thirty too if I could be surrounded with all that fuzzy puppy cuteness.

  • OMD mom is having a fit! I mean, seriously, a real fit over all those little fluffy-snuggly puppins!!!!!

    So just a few more weeks, eh? That second little black puppy sausage has a great look! Like “Yo, I’m adorable and the power of cuteness compells you to take me home!!!”

  • Little tiny frito itty bitty weenie precious doodly puppies! So scrumptious. Don’t sniff too deeply–puppy breath can be hazardous in large doses.

  • Mmmm, puppy breath. It kind of puts you in a trance. I think I’m going to have to go through all of my puppy and kitten pics now. 🙂

  • Oh puppies, puppies puppies!!!!

    I wish my family had seen me as a puppy. I wasn’t anywhere close to a mirror but I reckon I must have been pretty darn cute myself.

    The LOTH said she would get up at stupid o’clock to go and play with puppies too.

    Exciting times.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  • oh. oh my. the cuteness. Deadly. I have been slayed.

  • Benny & Lily

    Oh dear, cuteness overload
    Benny & Lily

  • OMG!!!!!!! Puppy goodness! I just posted on FB yesterday that nothing is better than starting out your day with puppies (we ran into two at the coffee shop) and this is included! Too much puppy cuteness!

  • There really is no resisting puppy breath ..that is why I’m not allowed to go and see them – my hubby says that you can’t just go and “look” at puppies!

  • hisqueen1

    Hmmmm..puppy breath. Mr. TT will decide soon…he may have already decided but doesn’t want to let the big secret out. I think you’re smart to not let on which one you like best. He may choose the other just because he wants to think he made the final decision. Men are silly like that.

  • Yes! Yes! We smell puppy breath…Mama can NOT get puppy fever though. When we’re in Phoenix our condo only allows 2 pets. Daddy (OUR Mr.Taleteller) is relieved about that rule!! Smooches.

  • awwww there is just not anything better than puppy breath. Oh how I would love to play with some puppies – I cant wait to see which one is picked out!

  • Squeeeeeee – that’s the Momster. All that puppy cuteness has put her on squee overload:) The first litter you showed AND your special ones are all beautiful. We know that any one that Mr. Taleteller chooses will be just the right one.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  • There is nothing on this earth … nothing … that compares to puppy breath for sheer deliciousness! I am beyond jealous!

  • I love puppy breath. Why can’t they keep it forever. Cute puppies too.

  • I have finally (!!) figured out a way to access your blog from home, and I’m so glad that I could sit this afternoon and catch up on your blog…But I’m so sorry to read about the loss of your precious Lilac. I know the ache your heart is feeling at her loss. I hope you have found comfort in your memories of her, and in knowing that you’ll see her again one day–And what a wonderful and beautiful day that will be! Until that day comes, I can tell you without a doubt that she’s not that far away, and that a new and precious puppy can do a lot to help mend a broken heart!

  • OMD, those puppies are sooo cute!
    What wonderful pictures, and I can’t wait to hear which one you guys will be getting 🙂

    P.S. Don’t forget to stop by our blog THIS week and enter the “name game” contest I’m hosting, (for my newest guide dog puppy) – it only takes a few seconds to do… and you may end up being the winner!

  • Oh. My. Dogness! Those are such cute puppies! I think puppy fever is contagious because my mom was squealing like a pig over here! (Please don’t tell her I compared her to a pig.)

    Excited wags,

  • Frankie Furter

    Oh BOY HOWDY…. THIS is soooooooo exciting!!! I can NOT wait to see the new one!!! DARN they are ALL cute!!!

  • Oh so gosh darn cute! Look at those little fur balls!! It would be very difficult to choose…

  • I can! I can! I can smell the puppy breath! And there’s nothin’ in the world like it, lemme tell you. Oh, gosh, they are ALL so CUUUUUTE!

    I can’t wait to see which one you pick. But THREE WEEKS is furever! That’s like 3 MONTHS is dog months. I dunno HOW I’m ever gonna wait that long. Sigh.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Thank you, thank you for helping us get out the word abouts “Rescue Me Week.” You’re a super wonderful furend!!

  • Kat

    melting here! I can totally smell the puppy breath 😀

  • I had some puppy breathe a couple of weeks ago, Malamute puppies who all looked like little badgers. They are so cute and smelt soooo good!

    I’m in love with the little black pup in the second to last photo. Don’t know why! Can’t wait to see more of them in 2 weeks.

  • Oh man, I miss puppy breath. You must be so excited. And Mr. Heart-of-Stone… smell the puppy breath, let it all in and pick your puppy!

  • Take me home, NOW!! Nothing like a pile of puppies at your feet!! Can’t wait to see more!!

  • Wow, we’ve been gone for such a long time, but to come back to such a happy time is such a blessing!! I cannot wait for 3 weeks to go by to see which puppy you pick and watch all the fun antics and puppy love of it growing up. What a lovely post. I grew up with GS and they are wonderful dogs. YES, I can smell the puppy breath right now. Boy I miss that smell. That last picture is just slaying me with cuteness…they all are. Boy I needed a cute fix tonight!!! Thanks for that. So glad to be back. Woofs and hugs, MB, Josie and Blues

  • Carole in AZ

    The circle of life… Thanks for the great puppy photos… I can almost smell them! 🙂

  • I can and it smells like LOVE! Wow, how exciting for you all! I adore the photo of mom with the babies!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years

  • Michelle

    That is cuteness overload!!

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