A Warm Heart In Winter

by Bunny Hound on

Bunny here at the keyboard writing about something on my mind.

This weekend, we didn’t get out to do anything more exciting than take a regular walk, which isn’t really enough to write a blog post about, except to say that while I found the cool weather quite invigorating, other dogs thought it was downright cold and miserable.  It’s true, I was happy to know I had a nice warm spot waiting for me when I got home, but I enjoyed being outside and breathing a little fresh air all the same.

You might remember that a few weeks ago, Flattery won a fabulous new bed, and to top it all off, it was pink.  Somehow, I can’t help but feel that Santa got his signals a little crossed  and sent the bed to the wrong Greyhound, but Mom reminded me that I should be gracious and happy for Flattery.  I keep hoping that a miracle will happen and a new bed will arrive with my name on it, but so far no luck.

However, I was reminded this weekend that I really am a lucky girl.  While Mom informed me that it was not in the budget to get me my own cubby bed, she went out on a mission to find a super soft blanket.  After searching through a whole host of stores, she returned victorious.  I now have my very own, super soft zebra blanket.  Well, Mom has this idea that it’s going to stay on the back of the couch for decoration, but when she saw how content and happy I was snuggled up in it, I think she secretly admitted right then and there that it was really my blanket.

All Tucked In -- Tales and Tails

All Tucked In

I have to admit, while it’s not a grand tale of adventure, it was still something I wanted to share.

Sometimes, it’s just the little things that make you happy inside your heart.  Yes, I’d be happy if I got a new cubby bed, too, but what made my tail wag was that my human was thinking of me, even when we weren’t together.  I can curl up in the blanket all day while she’s off at work and dream about what we’ll do when we’re back together.

Plus, it’s nice to have something to look forward to coming home to after a chilly winter adventure, whether it’s our usual walk or an exciting hike to someplace new.  As far as I’m concerned, this blanket just makes winter a little better all around.  It’s the softest, warmest thing here in our house, except for maybe my heart.  Nothing beats a warm heart in winter!

The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment


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12 Responses to "A Warm Heart In Winter"
  1. You still look like a princess in your bed Bunny! That blanket matches LadyBug’s new bed perfectly!! xo Chloe and LadyBug

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    What a fab blanket and it’s all for you Bunny.

    Hope you all have a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  3. SGilbert says:

    Bunny, you have a very big warm heart! I love your zebra blanket. Great picture of Bunny and snuggled in her new blanket! I very proud of you Bunny, you did not steal Flattery new cubby bed. Keep warm!

  4. Geo Fizz says:

    And I couldn’t agree more… my two girls Lil’ Bit and Jenny have very soft beds with a little shelf to place their head and they are happy, too. They get to have company all day, my Papa stays with them, but they miss me, too. I know that because they always meet me at the door with smiles and wagging tails. You look like you need a manicure… where’s the pink toe nail polish??

  5. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Bunny we know the bed was meant for you
    Lily & Edward

  6. Mary says:

    Nothing better than a warm fuzzy blanket, Just ask Roxy.

  7. one person's view says:

    “Disclaimer: No actual zebras were harmed in the making of this blanket. Although, being a greyhound, I could totally catch a zebra if I wanted to.”

  8. Rebecca says:

    Warm fuzzy blankets are a must in winter! Glad you have one of your own, Bunny.

  9. Christine Sterling says:

    Our pups really love their blankets, they carry them, snuggle in them – we don’t have beds for them anymore, just the blankets.

    Monty and Harlow

  10. Emma says:

    Nicely snuggled!

  11. Amy Boyer says:

    That blanket really is worthy of a Princess. Next best thing to ermine (I think that’s what they used to trim royal robes with) –

  12. That looks super comfy. Both of the boys have fallen in love with my leopard Snuggie. If I dare to wrap myself in it, I have two dogs both wanting to be lap dogs at one time!

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