This Walking Thing Is Alright

by Bunny Hound on
Bunny here at the keyboard writing a few of my thoughts about National Dog Walking Week.

I am pretty lucky that National Dog Walking Week happens while my human is on vacation.  This means we’re able to visit different locations and share some neat experiences from our walks.  This week is one that I like to make sure is on the calendar, because it means some extra special walking time, and I think that’s pretty awesome.

I was going to write about our fun adventures walking so far, but I thought I would wait until the end of the week and then share them all at once.  What I will tell you is that so far we’ve had a great time and we’ve seen some of our favorite places in new ways, and for the first time in a while.  We’ve been taking it easy on my human’s foot for a while, but this week has inspired her to get into it more and I am grateful for that.  Trust me, this walking thing is alright.

A Downtown Stroll -- Tales and Tails

A Downtown Stroll

Taking a walk in a different place every day takes a little planning.

We are making sure my human is in tip top shape for a big adventure that is happening next week, so we planned for easy walking.  Fortunately, we live in an area that has a lot of places that are not only easy to walk, but safe and also really interesting.  Sure, part of taking a walk is for exercise, but you also need to exercise your brain.  We dogs know that it’s important to stop and smell the flowers (okay, and the peemail) along the way, but humans often forget to feed their souls.  As a good canine citizen, I feel it’s my responsibility to make sure my human notices the extraordinary in the every day.

Anyroo, we made a list and while we did visit a few of our old favorite places, we also wanted to share some new places, too.  Otherwise, I’d just be copying my post from last year, and that just wouldn’t do.  It keeps my human on her toes, as well.  Keeping humans on their toes keeps them younger, I’ve heard, as long as you don’t knock them over while you have them there.  Take note of that part, it’s important.

Foxglove And Fists -- Tales and Tails

Foxglove And Fists

What I am wondering, though, is why we should just have National Dog Walking Week.

This is an event that should be celebrated every day.  I wonder what would happen if there were a National Dog Walking Month, or a Year of Walking The Dog.  The possibilities are endless.  I’m not sure if everyone could keep up with it for a year, but it would be fun trying.  However you are celebrating this week, I hope it’s fun and memorable.  Dream big humans and hounds!

Enjoying The Quad -- Tales and Tails

Enjoying The Quad

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9 Responses to "This Walking Thing Is Alright"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    I love the walks you show us. That Foxglove and Fists is fab. I’m assuming it represents something.

    The photos of the girls are as always lovely.

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    Schooner and Skipper walk me everyday! They love all the new smells on our walks. Skipper is our lead dog because he needs to be first! Walking is good for the soul! Have a great week. The weather here is going to warm up instead of staying in the high 40’s!

  3. Gorgeous locations. We didn’t get to do our walks, but I made up with it by engaging in extra play time all weekend. It’s been fun. I have a headlamp now so that we can play in the dark.

  4. jan says:

    Dog walking is better exercise for humans than going to the gym.
    We read a study.

  5. I’m glad that your foot is better and that you have a few days off from work. Enjoy your walks. ♥

  6. De Hufford says:

    Looks like the walks are beautiful!

  7. Casey the Boxer says:

    Momma walks us twice a day, but we almost always do the same route. She keeps saying she’s going to change things up, but she’s a creature of habit!

  8. ShineJake says:

    I think you’re the right canine to bring this matter up for discussion and convince everyone to widen the prospect of celebrating walking with your dog to not only a National Month but also a National Year!

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