Thinking Into The Near Future

by Bunny Hound on
Bunny here at the keyboard writing about something on my mind.

My humans have been really busy people lately.  I know Christmas was over the middle of last week, but my humans didn’t get done celebrating birthdays and Christmases until yesterday, which left us no time to go out and play with Dad’s new GoPro or Mom’s new camera.  I guess that’s for the best since the weather wasn’t very nice for enjoying the great outdoors.

Dwarfed by Nature -- Tales and Tails

Dwarfed by Nature

Still, we have an important day coming up this week that is always a family event in the very near future.  You see, we always go on a family hike on New Year’s Day.  Normally, we go to Starved Rock to see the frozen waterfalls, which ought to be quite nice this year thanks to weather hovering right around the freezing mark.  However, a really bad storm this summer resulted in a lot of the trails at Starved Rock being closed.  I have been doing some research to try to find a suitable place for this year’s hike, since the humans have been so busy.  I’m afraid if I don’t come up with a plan for them that they’ll just stay in bed all day on our big day, and I can’t have that.

It’s possible that we might return to our old favorite, but there are some other places that have piqued my interest.  Matthiessen State Park is nearby and also has some beautiful frozen waterfalls.  Castle Rock State Park isn’t too far past those and is a place that we’ve never hiked before.  Mississippi Palisades is another park we haven’t been to that looks interesting.  It looks like Starved Rock might finally be open again now, too.  That leaves a lot of choices for us to ponder.  I’m just not sure what to pick.  Does anybody out there have any suggestions?

Admiring Nature's Majesty -- Tales and Tails

Admiring Nature’s Majesty

I feel like it’s been much too long since we had a good adventure together.

I have a feeling that my humans are as anxious to have some time to relax and have fun as we dogs are.  It’s Mom’s last week of vacation and I plan to make the most of it by getting in lots of snuggle time and getting out to do some things we don’t normally have time for.  I’d like to take her to do something that we haven’t done before.  I’m not sure what that will be yet, but I’m open to suggestions.

Even if we just go out in the car and do a little geocaching one day, I’d be good with that.  If I’m really lucky, we’ll drive past one of those magic windows that gives out fine French cuisine in the form of little fried potato strips during one of her weak moments.  I wouldn’t be adverse to the idea of a day of dog-friendly shopping, either.  We will see where the world leads us.

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14 Responses to "Thinking Into The Near Future"
  1. Christine Sterling says:

    So many possibilities! I’m home too this week and am trying to balance out all the dog walks/horse back rides I want to get in!

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Our Dad got a go-pro too he was trying to figure out a way to attach it to us but all our fur kept getting in the way baawwwaaahhhhh

  3. SGilbert says:

    Whatever you pick Bunny, you will have a fantastic time because you are with your humans. Flattery, Kuster and Morgan will be happy with your decision too. What fun it will be trying out the Go-Pro and a new camera. Have an exciting time! Happy New Year! May your year will be fill with lots of exciting adventures. Give your humans lots of love and snuggle time before they go back to work!

  4. Mary says:

    Ooooo, fun new toys to play with. That’s all good. I’m sure you guys will go someplace very awesome and have a great time.

  5. Bunny, I think you should go to the old tradition of Starved Rock and see the frozen waterfalls. After all that is the choice before you had to thin of alternatives!

  6. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Follow her around and bug her. Maybe she will stop being so busy. Sad eyes help too
    Lily & Edward

  7. Sue Dyer says:

    I hope wherever you go, you thoroughly enjoy it. Sue & Polly

  8. Alice Fulton says:

    Love, love, love hearing from the greyhounds. As a fellow greyhound family, it’s quite imaginable when I read their posts. My favorite was the walk with the blowing Christmas decorations. Definitely made me laugh as my Bessie would react in the same way.

    • houndstooth says:

      You just never know what they’re going to be funny about! I love that they keep life interesting!

      • Alice Fulton says:

        They certainly do. When we had two Winnie was always serious and consistent. Bessie, on the other hand, was always a free spirit. She’s our counter surfer. But when Winnie died Bessie was completely lost. She didn’t seem to know how or when to do anything without her sister telling her. It was sad. Now as she’s getting older (8) she’s becoming more like Winnie – unless there is cheese on the counter. Then she’s our old Bessie. Haha. Love all the different personalities the breed has…and the ears. :-<)

  9. jet says:

    whatever it is Bunny, I am looking forward to reading about it!

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