The Test

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Today, Mr. Taleteller and Küster are taking part of their recertification test for area search.  It’s been a stressful few weeks as the deadline closes in and the test draws nearer.  I have complete confidence that they will pass the test, but it stresses my husband out to no end.  Finding people lost in the woods won’t be the problem.  Their nemesis continues to be the long down.  If you’ve read the blog for a few years, you probably already know that.  Küster loves to work, but he does not like things that involve him having to be still.

I'll Just Sit Right Here -- Tales and Tails

I’ll Just Sit Right Here

I’ll let you in on a secret.  I am not worried about them passing the test.  Küster is one of those dogs who pulls out the reserves when he really needs to and I feel pretty confident that he will step up this time, too.  He just likes to make my husband work for it.

I understand the stress for my husband, though.  It’s one thing to take a test based on what you know or can do.  It’s entirely in your control whether you pass or fail.  Taking a test with a dog means that not only do you have to do your best, your dog does, too.  There’s nothing you can do to control what happens at the other end of that leash.  It’s a total leap of faith.

Studying for the Test -- Tales and Tails

Studying for the Test

I’ve been where they are.  When Bunny and I took the TDI test together, I lost my share of sleep as I worried about whether Bunny would be able to get through all of the tough aspects of the test.  It turned out alright for us, and fortunately, we only had to take it once.  Bunny and I aren’t required to recertify like my husband and Küster.  I’m not sure my heart could handle taking the test every two years.

Anytime you have to put your trust in someone else, it’s difficult.  When it’s someone else that you can’t communicate completely with, it’s even harder.  I’ll be holding my breath and crossing my fingers all day for them, even though I know they’ll be fine.  Sometimes, the best way to get through a test is to know that people are pulling for you, and I am certainly doing that.

Official SAR Team -- Tales and Tails

Official SAR Team

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  • Sue Dyer

    Keeping fingers crossed for your hubby and Kuster. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • SGilbert

    Keeping our fingers & paws crossed for Mr. Taleteller and Kuster! I am sure they will do an awesome job. They are great team.

  • Vicky

    I know it is stressful. Keeping fingers and paws crossed here that they will pass. Love the picture of Bunny. Too cute.

  • valentine

    Good luck on your test Kuster and Kuster’s papa! I’m sure you’ll do just fine! Mew Mew!