The State Of The Human

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Bunny here at the keyboard, writing a little about the past week.

As most of you know, my human had a little outpatient procedure done by the human vet last week and I told her to take some time off from the blog so she could rest and recover.  It turned out to be a crazy week and it was a good time for my human to be recovering from surgery, at least, it was for people who weren’t my human.  It all started on Tuesday when she went to the hospital.

The Doctor Is In -- Tales and Tails

The Doctor Is In

The good news is that the surgery went just fine and they took pretty good care of my human.  Dad brought her home that afternoon and she spent the evening resting while we kept an eye on her.  I felt bad for her, because that anesthesia messed with her, just like it does with me when I have it, and she couldn’t sleep most of the night.  She was awake, tossing and turning and finally fell asleep just before we were getting up for turn out.  After a few hours of sleep, she got up and came to the living room to rest in the comfy chair.  She rested there all day and I kept a close eye on her.  That night, she took a sleeping pill to get back on track and slept until it wore off.  Then she came to living room to rest in the chair again.

Then, the phone call came.

We got a phone call from my human’s stepmom who was in a place called Boston.  Grandpaw was in the hospital here for a problem he has had before.  My human said she would go to the hospital to be with him and rest there.  Dad came home and drove her over and I felt a little better about that.  She spent most of the day watching over Grandpaw, making sure they didn’t give him the wrong medicine and listening to what the doctors said.  Friday was more of the same.  Saturday, they sent him home to his house, saying he was better and wouldn’t need surgery this time for his problem.

Apple Of My Eye -- Tales and Tails

An Apple A Day

He wasn’t a good patient, though, and wasn’t listening to Aunt J or my human and ignoring the doctor’s orders to rest.  My human should have been resting here at home, but she had things she had to do.  I insisted that she do a lot of resting yesterday so she would be okay for work this week.  We will see how that goes.

So, that’s the state of the human.  She’s doing pretty well, all things considered, and we are planning to be back to blogging all week.  I send lots of tail wags and nose kisses to everyone who sent her well wishes and prayers.  It certainly helped her get through this week.  I will still be keeping an eye on her and making sure she doesn’t get any ideas that are too crazy.  Enjoy your health, everyone, and that of the ones you love.  You don’t appreciate it when it’s good, but you should!

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5 Responses to "The State Of The Human"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Bunny, So glad you kept a good eye on your mum. Glad the op went well and she is doing better.

    Hope Grandpaw keeps well.

    Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    So glad Bunny you were taking care of your human. I hope the human is getting better every day. Hope grandpaw will feel better soon too.

  3. Casey the Boxer says:

    It’s hard when our humans spend all their time taking care of other people and don’t take care of themselves!

  4. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Sending lots of good vibes your way. Humans are known to be stubborn
    Lily & Edward

  5. Vicky says:

    Bunny, it sounds like you did all you could to take care of your human. I’m sure she appreciated it. Flattery, I see that you were doing your best to get her well too and keep her from the doctor. Tippy and I hope that she and your grandpaw get better real soon!

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