The Sound Of Something

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Sometimes, our dogs do things out of the blue that we don’t expect.  I think we are all amused by our dogs at some point, but when it comes as a surprise, that often makes it better.  The truth is, our dogs all react to things at times, but there are times when their reaction is unexpected we take notice.  Sometimes, the sound of something is all it takes to set them off.

Flattery's Christmas Tree -- Tales and Tails

Flattery’s Christmas Tree

The other night, Mr. Taleteller and I were watching a show on television that referenced The Sound of Music.  It was a silly show and every time one of the people in it referenced the movie, they played Julie Andrews belting out the iconic lines of the title song.  The first time it played, Flattery’s ears popped up and she got the crazy look on her face that I’ve come to associate with a humorous moment, and sometimes a head butt, from her.  As the song played, she did a little bark punctuated with an air snap and a rolling of her head on her dog bed.

I noticed her the first time she did it, but I didn’t think much of it besides to figure that she was wanting attention.  A few minutes later, the song came on again, and Flattery did the same head roll, bark and air snap combo.  This time, she snapped twice.  I noticed that she was watching to see if we were going to notice.

Sure enough, the third time Julie Andrews started singing, she did more of her little crazy dog routine.  I have no idea why she found The Sound of Music so invigorating, but we started laughing every time we heard the music again, knowing she was going to try to steal the limelight from Ms. Andrews and get attention for herself.

Do You Need Some Help? -- Tales and Tails

Do You Need Some Help?

After awhile, the singing ended and Flattery decided to share the chair with my husband.  She’s not the first dog we’ve had to react to something on the television.  One of our fosters years ago was fascinated by a dog show on TV and actually walked around to the back hallway to figure out where one of the dogs had gone.  Flattery hasn’t seemed interested in the television in a long time, but I guess Julie Andrews is the one that gets her attention.  At least she has good taste.


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  • Sue Dyer

    Polly never racts to anything on the TV, or lets say she hasn’t yet, but Honey will look up if there is a squeaky sound. Now if I am watching something on the PC that has dogs making a noise she will often come up to the PC and stare at it. I have some videos of her and her buddy Sofia, my friends Pointer, when we are up the field (a place we can let them off, as it has 6′ fencing) and Sofia tends to make a noise most of the time and that get’s Honey right up looking all round my PC.

    Maybe you should get the Sound of Music on YouTube and see if Flattery reacts the same as when she heard it on the TV.

    Hope you all have a nice day. We have -5 temps and ice on pavvements and roads. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Pibble Life

    BOL! That’s hilarious! I always react to knocking sounds…so if someone is knocking at the door on TV I will run to the front door and start barking.
    I love the photos! Can I ask where you got that red coat from? My humom has a hard time finding coats that fit my fursister Nymeria. She’s a galgo/podenco mix with the same body type as greyhounds.

    • We got the coat from Voyagers K9 Apparel, and they make breed specific coats for a variety of dogs, including sighthounds. We have been really happy with them, and Bunny still has the first coat we got for her there from about nine years ago. We’ve been very happy customers for years!

  • ShineJake

    Oh Flattery! She’s such a quirky dog, you can’t help but adore her for it! But I mean, who doesn’t feel like bellowing along to Julie Andrew’s singing in Sound of Music? This just proves that Flattery has impeccable taste, and she obviously wants to show off her own pipes!