The Road Block

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Over the weekend, I had some plans to go out do a few things, and my plan was to leave the dogs at home.  It wasn’t anything they couldn’t go along for, really, but it also wasn’t something they needed to be with me for.  I figured they’d be more comfortable at home.  Mr. Taleteller also had training with Küster the same day.  He was leaving just a little before me, but Küster always somehow knows if it’s a training day.  That presents a bit of a road block at times.

Farm Girl -- Tales an Tails

Farm Girl

Küster has a lot to say on training days.  Sometimes I expect the windows to rattle from his barking.  His frenetic energy on these days is contagious.  It didn’t take long this weekend for Flattery to figure out that my husband and Küster were going off to do their thing.  She also shrewdly caught on that I was going somewhere instead of hanging out at home.  The wheels in her head starting turning so fast, you could almost hear the whirring if you were close enough.

My husband took all of the girls out for a potty break before Team Küster loaded up and took off.  When Bunny and Flattery came back inside, Bunny went straight back to our bed to start her morning nap.  Flattery, on the other hand, took her position in the bathroom where I was getting ready to go.  As my husband came back in with Morgan and put her in her crate, Flattery leaned against my leg even harder.  She gave my husband the stink eye, probably because she would really like to be going off for an adventure with the boys and knew she wasn’t included.  It might also have been because she didn’t get a treat when she came back in the house for no reason.

After my husband left, she laid down on the floor beside me.  Soon, she’d sprawled across the floor in such a way that I could only get by if I stepped right over her.  She’d made herself into a road block.  When I went to the bedroom to get my earrings, she was soon behind me.  I looked over to see that Bunny wasn’t paying any attention.  She was already off in Dreamland.

Posy Posing -- Tales and Tails

Posy Posing

I quietly collected my things and headed for the back door.  I had a small escort who followed me all the way to the back door and looked at me one last time with such a mixture of hope and sadness that I quietly opened the back door and gestured for her to go ahead.  She quickly headed down the steps and stood at the door, tail wagging and happy as could be.  We left as quietly as we could and headed off to spend the day together.

I am glad I brought her along.  It made a few things, like getting lunch, a little more difficult, but she was happy and I had company.  We had a little time for a few pictures and some walking together and for as much as I enjoyed it, I know she enjoyed it a lot more.  Sometimes I forget how little it takes to make our dogs really happy.  We didn’t have a grand adventure, but we did have fun together.  While I know it’s going to be harder to get out of the house without her the next time, I’m glad I took her along.

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2 Responses to "The Road Block"
  1. SGilbert says:

    Beautiful pictures! They always know when something is up. They are very smart and watch every move we make and the listen. Have a good week. Glad you and Flattery had a good time.

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    So glad Flattery got to go with you. Lovely photos as always.

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

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